#NATIVEweek No. 76


Watched this video on the frequency of period blood, which is like "gold", then bought this moon cup

Finally got a chance to stop at Wonder Valley in Joshua Tree last weekend. It's the cutest little shop I've ever seen and I've always been so in love with Aries Alison. I left with these towels, this olive oil, and these incense. My house feels so much more vibrant will all new additions. 

I really can't shout from the rooftops enough of how important flower remedies are to help this UNBLOCKING process delayer quicker. I can't even begin to tell you how many shifts have happened in my life since working with Alexis Smart. To name a few: WAY stronger boundaries, in my body far more, asking for help, and a much lighter and playful heart. 

This Osho record is everything. 

I've always been like, "yes, essential oils are great but they aren't really powerful for me." That's until I met this roll on (feet at night) and this roll on (on belly for indigestion). WOW. Literal magic.

Did everyone catch this article? I did a little IG Story about crossing it off my manifestation list.

I've been so over clothes lately with this may grey, but this is my entire summer look!  

You guys!!!! THIS DEODORANT IS EVERYTHING. It works so well. It's a paste. And you literally smell like honey and milk. I'm telling all of my friends about it. 

Also, all ladies (and men) need to run out and watch this doc



Heart of Gold Rhythm Restore Brow Serum has been LIFE CHANGING (okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but wow). Loving my brows.

Truly loving all of Heart of Gold's products as I continue my skin journey. Adding Rosa The Beautiful Cream to my daily ritual. 

Summertime is almost here, but soaking up this spring pink Côte nail polish. Cleanest, 10-free nail polish around.

SO addicted to these Go Raw Coconut Spirulina Chips. I keep a bag in my purse at all times. Seriously.

Who's had natural wine? I had no idea such a treasure existed until I dined at De Maria in NYC. Absolutely delicious and pure. You can find natural wine at a few restaurants in LA, including Domaine LA

Boxing has become my main workout these days and it's been such a gem for relieving stress, strength building....I've never been a fan of HIIT, but I must say my tastes are changing. 

If you watch Mondays with Lila, you may have picked up on my journaling obsessions. I've tried to cut back my chatter on the topic, but since reading Katie Dalebout's Let It Out I can't make any promises. 

Alexis Smart's custom flower remedy has done CRAZY WONDEROUS THINGS to me. For real. I can't recommend her products enough. Her room spray is a mainstay bedside. 



What are you loving lately?

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