#NATIVEweek No. 77 • Health Update


I know we've been rather mum about our health journeys over here and I know a lot of you are suffering and would like to know where we are at, so today's NATIVE week is a little different. An update if you will. 


i. Like I so openly shared on IG Stories last Friday, we found a key root in my endocrine debacle. An enzyme mutation that wasn't allowing B3 (niacin) to convert into NADH. After seeing every type of specialist and healer and doing all of the blood tests from leading endocrinologists to angel frequency healers, this was figured out through a simple muscle test at Dr. Kenny's office in Pasadena. $150 for the initial session and $70 after. Sadly, she is no longer taking new clients but someone in her office is and practices the exact same techniques. I share for anyone struggling and in LA. It's been transformative with my sleep, hormones, energy, and puffiness.

ii. Another key root issue is that my pancreas is severely insulin resistant at this point. And anytime my blood sugar levels spike or plummet too low, it completely wipes my adrenals out, which then throws my hormones completely off - and welcome to the endocrine system. Therefore, it's a vicious cycle between the two. So my new infusion daily consists of Nettles (adrenal, healing minerals, B vitamin rich), Goat's Rue (what Metformin is derived from for my insulin), Gymnema Leaf (to regenerate my pancreas cells), and Milky Oat Tops (to restore my nerves, nourish my adrenals, mineral and B vitamin rich). 


iii. You guys always ask how I'm doing my D.I's. I, just like you, go back through them often. Here is a recent discovery and how I use it towards my healing and UNBLOCKING at once. Because I come from two teenage parents that didn't "want" a baby, grandparents that insisted they get an abortion, and an aunt and uncle that thought my parents were making the biggest mistake ever for having a baby young (all of which were my caretakers when I was little and I was passed between all of their households each week), in SHADOW I found the aspect of "unwanted" or better yet, my only defense mechanism towards all of this unwantedness (on an energetic level) and being passed around when I was little, my survival tech, was to "not let anyone in". A way this shows up in my life is that I don't have deep friendships and I don't carry them with me (because I'd never be wanted for who I am, so I don't let them in - that way I never get hurt and I'm never a burden - "burden" another shadow word). See what I just did there? I'm integrating it by sharing it with you (and many in my life - including my friends). So I've been taking "unwanted" and "not letting anyone in" specifically through REPARENT. Which has been next level powerful reprogramming. Guess what correlation I made while on day two? Is it that crazy on an epigenetic level that my beta cells in the pancreas are literally NOT LETTING INSULIN ALLOW GLUCOSE IN? No. Is it crazy that I'm literally not letting a baby into my womb? No. So I've been reprogramming on a deeeeeeepp cellular and epigenetic level. So many more crazy powerfulUNBLOCKINGS have been happening. Like, I realized that my aunt was always ill when I was young, my grandmother was suffering from depression and Alzheimer's, and my dad's key girlfriend stayed at home with a neck injury watching soap operas. Like everyone else in the family, I subconsciously rejected them as lazy, crazy, heavy energy, making it up, etc through judgments. And not too crazy that my soul has been asking for the deepest rest to heal my adrenals, but I'm not taking the time to literally sleep and nap because I'm worried that Max will think I'm "lazy, crazy, heavy energy, making it up, etc". So we imagoed about it, I integrated those shadow aspects through our imago, and now I'm thinking of carving out a 6-week rehab model for myself to literally just rest (maybe in Scotland). This all took place in one week. And daily, I've been using the DAILY REPROGRAMMING exercise to look at every judgment I have about myself truly taking the time I need to rest and heal. And already some really fucking awesome manifestations have been coming through.  

iv. I've also been using the Bemer twice daily for 8 mins to get my micro-circulation flowing everywhere. And the Biomat once daily for 20 mins (I listen to my DIs on it) to move my lymph, detox, and limit inflammation. 

v. I've been reading this and considering how I can integrate it more into my life! 

vi. After listening to this, I've also been incorporating her 8-step oral protocol. AND, not crazy that I have a major dental opening and issue in my second to back left molar - which governs...you guessed it, the pancreas. So I'm seeing this holistic dentist next week recommended by Dr. Kenny. 

vii. On the hormone front, I'm following a low-glycemic Woman Code protocol but hyper-intuitive eating based on what my body is telling me that it needs regarding the food phase that I'm in. 



i.  As I've been learning more and more about my hormones, whilst along my skin-healing journey, I keep coming back to this question: "Should I get my IUD removed and forgo all birth control?" I'm curious if any of you reading this may have some insight or a similar experience. More and more I'm thinking yes. I'm not a fan of the idea of something unnatural inside me, affecting my body in known and unknown ways. I'm finding it difficult to truly heal with the IUD. Hmmm...


ii. Speaking of hormones...I've given up coffee completely for 3 months now and wow. My energy levels are so much more stable throughout the day. The random panic attacks I used to experience - where my heart would feel as though it were about to leap through my throat - have ceased entirely. As much as I love coffee, the ritual around coffee...all the above, life without it has been too great to pass up. Although this hasn't had any effect on my skin, which I was hoping it would, I'm elated by the surprising effects it has had on my adrenals. I am cheating a bit with this Yerba Mate and some yummy matcha.

iii. I've been putting a lot of focus onto understanding and managing my hyperinsulinemia since sharing what I had learned from the genetic testing I had done last December. What I've learned about my diet soooo totally aligns with my archetype from Dana James' The Archetype Diet. And guess what! You can too because she's our next guest on SUPPORTED. I've been eating a diet based on protein, healthy fats and lots of low-starch plants. I have WAY less sugar cravings and have much more energy naturally (since coffee's now bye-bye). I've had my moments of carb-overload (hello this past weekend at my family's home) and I feel the effects of such days very intensely. All the more reason to listen to what my body wants and needs. Having sprouted macadamia nuts or Brazil nuts on hand at all times is a little trick I have to stabilizing my blood sugar when I don't have time for a full meal.

iv. I've really been working on learning more about myself, how I work best and what motivates me the most. This is a life-long journey, yes, but going through the TOOLS, listening to what triggers me and processing them through the Daily Reprogramming Exercises, reading more and more about my human design, astrology, etc has made me feel more comfortable in who I am and who I'm meant to be. I feel like I'm finally getting to know myself and it's been so liberating. I still have awhile to go, many insecurities to work through and I have to learn how to tailor the way I live day-to-day to best match everything I'm learning. It's never too late to dive head first into this journey. Join me! And I can't ignore how much Alexis Smart's Flower Remedies have been helping this process.

v. Being in front of the camera was a huge fear of mine. I never felt "good enough" or confident enough to be seen. Mondays with Lila was a terrifying task at first. But, pushing myself to step over that fear and share more and more about me in hopes that it reaches more of you has helped me through this fear. I'm so grateful I was given the opportunity to face this insecurity head-on. What I can share from my learning experience is to do just that - what is there to lose? Learning to live outside of your shadow and push yourself into (healthy) discomfort will only help you to grow, UNBLOCK and feel more truly like you.


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