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Kundalini has always been an intimidating intrigue: something I've always desired to experience, but felt like I wasn't ever in the right space to begin a practice (News Flash: never wait until you're "ready" or you'll never be ready). But, my interest has been peaking as of late and then Dana James mentioned in SUPPORTED how transformative kundalini was for one of your clients and I felt this was the sign I needed. I still have yet to make it to a Kundalini class, but Desiree Pais generously shared a few kryas with me to try on my own.

And, man, did I get high.

Below are the kryas she shared with me and the blurb Desiree included about her experience when she first began Kundalini as it very much resonated with me. Soak it in and get high.

"For the last five years I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. When I first started, I went ALL in baby. Wore the white head-to-toe. Donned a turban like a royal shakti queen. Had on my tantric necklaces everyday. But something felt missing…It took five years to realize that what was missing was, well, myself.  I started dressing up again, inspired by women like Jeanne Damas and Maryam Nassir. I wanted to go out and dance until the sun came out with girlfriends, something I used to do in New York that felt good in every bone but stopped doing once I got into wellness. I started to be inspired again to do the things that lit me up from the inside-out, after years of trying to fix myself. 

Why do I share this story? Because while it may seem like I was moving far away from the kunda kunda as my best friend calls it, it was really the Kundalini meditation and breath work that was getting me back to me, to my essence, to my authenticity. These meditations are so powerful, so beautiful, and so transformative, but please, mes chéries, take this little piece of advice that took me five years to figure out: approach these practices with reverence, with grace, with beauty, with elegance, with desire, and most of importantly, with intention to experience YOU. 

I want you to feel not like you have to fix something, as though something is wrong with you, but to be inspired to meditate to go deep within and find out who you are. When you’re in alignment with who you are and your deepest desires, there will be less and less things to fix, as being true to ourselves is really the most powerful healing practice of them all. 

Here are a few of my favorite meditations that were simple enough to go deep into the healing zone as well as potent enough to rewire myself into a new way of being: a powerful, sensual, strong, confident woman. "

Try these kryas Desiree has shared on your own for a big 'ole hit of consciousness.


"Ego Eradicator with Breath of Fire - This is the first thing I do when I sit down to do my morning practice, along with the mantra Ad Such by Simrit. With this meditation we’re plugging our thumbs into the arcline and using our breath to charge up the arcline, which is the nucleus of the aura, your magnetic field that is 9 ft in ALL directions around you. Three minutes of this breath will make your arcline clear and bright, which means that it will brighten and strengthen your aura as well. The mantra Ad Such is the biggest lever, using the power of sound, to help us rise up out of obstacles. SUPER powerful mantra. Be very majestic with your practice. Sit up tall. Hold your chin up with a straight spine. You are entering the realm of Royalty when you sit down to practice Kundalini Yoga as it’s a direct descendant of the Raj yog, the Royal Path. 


One Minute Breath - This breath meditation is in my personal, daily practice. After a few years of doing really physically demanding meditations and kriya, something inside of me was yearning to be still. To build power. To cultivate radiance. To strengthen my pranic body which in turn would heal so many conditions I had been trying to heal. And because the breath / the lungs are related to the skin in Chinese Medicine, I knew this breath work would help my skin glow. When I found the manta, Slok of Japji by Charanpal, it was the most perfect, beautiful, and ethereal practice that I have ever nourished myself with. It will make your aura strong, your confidence will increase, and you will feel like you can walk through the world with ease, grace, and a lightness if you do it daily. I practice every morning for 11 minutes. 


Left Nostril BreathingOne of the challenges so many of us engage with is that we are TOO on all the time. Our nervous systems are in fight or flight mode and we’re constantly secreting stress hormones that wreck havoc on our bodies. This super simple meditation helps to soothe the nervous system so that you can bring your body back into homeostasis. The left nostril correlates to the parasympathetic nervous system, the division that signals your body to rest and relax. Just three minutes of long deep breathing through the left nostril with Chattra Chakkra Varti by White Sun, a mantra to remove fears, will leave you feeling more revitalized than ever. 


Shabd Kriya for Deep Sleep and Radiance - This was one of the first Kundalini meditations I ever did after dealing with insomnia since I was six years old. I tried everything, from Ambien to hypnosis. Three days after doing this simple breath work, I was sleeping more soundly as if I was laying my head down on a bed of roses. It’s also one of the meditations for the Radiant Body. I like to do this one at night in my room after a long hot shower and massaging my body head to toe in the most luxurious oils. With more candles lit than Cleopatra’s den, I do it for 11 minutes before heading off into dreamland."


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