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It's quite crazy how deeply I'm learning about myself through Lacy's The TOOLS, cranking the volume on my intuition and the guests we've had on SUPPORTED thus far in just the past half-year. What's even more powerful, I'm realizing, is how everything that seeps into my realm of being reinforces the previous and resonates so deeply with the blocks I'm currently uncovering. But, it can also be extremely overwhelming. There are so many labels we can give ourselves these days, tests we can take, and categories we can fall into.

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It's ironically quite easy to lose sight of who we truly are when we're in the depths of self-discovery.


I'm a sucker for late night Google rabbit hole dives. When I'm inspired by something, I search the shit out of it. In high school and college, I spent too much time obsessing over anything nutrition-related I could find on the world wide web. To be honest, overloading on documentaries, articles, blogs and studies seriously messed me up. I lost communication with my body and intuition. After a while I began to wonder...what is there left to eat?! Organic, non-GMO biodynamic lettuce?! I was worried this would happen again as I began descending the self-discovery rabbit hole at the beginning of this year. But, this time I carried some awareness with me. Since working my way through The TOOLS, I had become more conscious of who my authentic self is. Knowing who my authentic self is, and what I need to UNBLOCK to become her, has given me SO much clarity as I progress through this journey.

I guess you could say Lacy's work introduced me to the "treasure" at the end of the path. Everything else I learned (like my Human Design and so forth) is simply helping me get there faster as I unblock.

I've been sharing little bits of what I'm uncovering and the practices I'm doing regularly to keep me on this path during my Mondays With Lila on IG story. But, I thought with this post I'd lay it out with a bit more clarity in the hopes that someone can benefit from, relate or add to the steps I've taken in my journey. - and to answer some of the questions I've received via IG!


Here is how I'm navigating my journey without overwhelm:

i. I began by working through Reparent, Shadow, and No to get a sense of who my authentic self is behind the ego shell I've crafted. I've seen her, walked with her, hugged her. She's in there somewhere! And, I took my time through these. No sense in rushing. Skimming and speeding through these exercises won't reap the same reward.

ii. Whilst doing this, I've also made note of the blocks - both internal and physical - which I need to overcome. Having clarity on what's holding me back keeps me from getting sucked into my blocked habits as I slip down the slide of self discovery.

iii. Then comes the fun online tests, etc.

I poured myself into finding my Human Design, my birth chart, my archetype, my love language, my dosha, personality quizes...I became ravenous for more and more. With each new guest to SUPPORTED, I felt as though answers and discoveries were being sent straight to me from The Universe. Had I manifested all of this??

With all this information in front of me, I began looking for similarities. The next step is to simplify.



i. Find common threads throughout to simplify and reduce the impending overwhelm. With each new discovery comes pages of insight, guides and advice on how to best live your life. Pick out the ones that are similar across the board.

Ex • I'm a Manifesting Generator (Human Design), Nurturer (Archetype) and Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon and Sagittarius Rising (zodiac). What common threads can I find here? Let's see....

i. People pleasing as a Block // Really bad at saying NO //  Craves adventure and spontaneity // Bad at asking for help when it's needed // Likes to do a bunch of different things at once....

Now, comparing this list to the list of blocks I had from The TOOLS...damn, pretty on-point. So instead of having long lists of to-dos for balance in all categories...I made one list.

Ex • If I start saying NO to things that I know won't serve me, I'll...

1. Better live my design // 2. Find more balance in my archetype // 3. Be more magnetic!!!!

You get it...Now do it!


How I'm Integrating

With all this knowledge swimming in my head and my simplified list in front of me...the next step is to implement and listen to your body and The Universe. Mine is more specific to my Manifesting Generator self, but can still be applicable to all identities out there! Here are a few tips that I've shared on Mondays with Lila:

i. Get quiet and start talking to yourself • If you don't know what your intuition sounds like, you need to meet him/her. When I've lost sight, I wake up early and walk along the beach before the city has awoken. Anytime throughout the day when I start to feel something "in my gut," I pause and take a second to digest what my body may be telling me. Look for patterns with your PINGS and manifestations. These are all signs that will bring you back to you.

ii. Each morning before you move from the bed, take out your journal and write down 5-or-so things you want to do that day and 5-or-so things you have to do that day. This has made my days MUCH more enjoyable and manageable. It's also brought joy to every day!

iii. Follow your PINGS, even when you don't know where they lead. Sometimes I have a PING to tune into a show in the middle of the day. Something in whatever episode I've turned on always ends up inspiring me or introducing me to something new. 

iv. Practice saying no to little things that don't serve you. Start with an invitation to a dinner you really don't want to attend or a date you feel guilty for canceling. Building strength here is even helping me lose weight as it relates to my archetype.

v. Carve out time for a creative retreat, even if it's just at the park down the block. Immerse yourself somewhere new for novice sights, smells, sounds and inspiration!

My goal is to share my journey with hopes that it will help your journey. Follow my Mondays with Lila on IG as I continue to share what I'm learning and how I'm integrating.

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