NATIVE Week No. 79 • Summer Essentials

Photo Serafina Logiacco

Photo Serafina Logiacco

Lila and I are in full summer travel mode starting a week from now. We're both, separately, making our way east for most of July and here are the essentials that will be joining us! 


UM!!!!! Does everyone know that Nucifera now has a mist?!!! Not only is it a deodorant mist but you can basically use it anywhere for everything such as: Lightly spray on face, hair, pits, body, clothing, bedding, gym bag, yoga mat or anything that could use a little elevating. Shake well and refrigerate often.

Also, Sloan now has a hoodie that takes me back to my surfer days. Not only is it obviously the most epic PJ sweater, but it's also the best evening post surf/beach bathing suit cover. Dreaming of those river and beachy evening fires and marshmallows now. 

Clearly from IG stories you guys know I'm revisiting my Nadine Artemis bender. Therefore, at the moment, these are the main products that I'm traveling with and using. This to cleanse face and moisturize body, this to moisturize face and fade sun spots, this to brush teeth and this to dab on floss while following her 8 step dental care. And currently re-reading both of her books. Teeth and beauty!

On the edge of my seat to see this

The little packet that travels everywhere with me.



I cycle through phases of using lip balm. Either I don't even think about it for months, or I'm reaching for it every other minute. I'm now in a reach-for-it-every-minute phase since being introduced to John Masters Organics Lip Balm. Holy velvety smooth. Perfect for the drying airplane air.

I've never been a hat gal until Ojai (and also binge-listening to Nadine Artemis) Now I'm on the hunt for a cute, chic beach hat for days spent under the sun in Cape Cod. Looking for something like this. On my list!

This little Saje Pocket Farmacy is killer for travel. I usually get sick following airplane rides. This convenience kit has all the essentials to keep me healthy and feeling gooooooood.

I just had an AMAZING acupuncture and cupping session with Juliana King in LA (more to come here). She suggested I start taking a B Vitamin complex, zinc & magnesium daily to help with my skin and energy levels. You better believe I'm going to keep these close whilst all my east coast traveling.

Okay, I know I've probably mentioned this jumper about 100 times, but I can't take it off. It's become my pre-summer and now total summer wardrobe. Especially when I want to be comfortable in planes, trains, and automobiles.