CURERS • Healers and Practices

We were inspired to start our Saturday IG Story CURER series to highlight some of our favorite healers teachers, expanders, and thinkers. We asked some of our CURERS to now share their own go-to healers and healing practices with all of you. Stay tuned Saturdays on @freeandnative IG for a new CURER each week!


i. Bri Braggs - Fertile Alchemy


I love how well Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care compliment each other. Most people only think of going to the acupuncturist because they are experiencing symptoms, or visiting the chiropractor only because their back or neck hurts.

I used to experience really bad anxiety, I battled depression, and chiropractic and acupuncture helped me to find balance. I think the two are often overlooked when it comes to stress reduction and emotional wellness.

ii. Julie Bernier - True Ayurveda

Hike • As much as I love LA, I find it very healing to get out of LA at least once a month. I consider it part of surviving modern American big city life. Sometimes a hike to the top of one of our LA mountains will do it, like Temescal or Runyon. Seeing LA from above always gives me a new perspective on my role and place in the city. When I can, though, I drive to the desert or down to Baja to really refresh my soul. As soon as you cross the border into Mexico everything slows down. Any stress or sense of urgency or worry dissipates.

iii. Katie Dalebout • Let it Out

Feng Shui consultant Anjie Cho of Holistic Spaces (NYC + LA)-- has designed and cleared every space I've ever lived in which as helped so much. I wouldn't live anywhere without first having Anjie clear it and set it up optimally according to Feng Shui principles.


Sacha Jones, Stiggly’s Holistics NYC, Sacha is one of the coolest, smartest, women I’ve ever met. She’s an herbalist, holistic health counselor, and officiates weddings. I don’t know where I’d be without her wellness and life guidance.

Urban Wellness Clinic- Dr. Emily Kibred • is a genius body worker, Chiropractor, and the smartest person I know when it comes to the human anatomy.

Ashley Glynn • I absolutely love Ashley’s art and spiritual work. She opened me up to so many new practices that helped me, including the magic of flower medicine through making tea infusions to  more closely following my intuition.

Reiki + Flower Essences from Aki founder of Minka Brooklyn- Aki’s work with Flower Essences and energy work were both some of the most helpful experiences I’ve had. I had no idea what to expect with each but Aki made me feel so cozy, loved, and help throughout the entire process.

CAP Beauty Facials are divine. It’s one of my favorite stores in the city and the CAP tonic they give you after always surprises and delights me hits the spot.   

iv. Alle Weil • Flora ex Machina

Kundalini has opened a whole world of self-healing that I had yet to experience. My local spot is Golden Sol and YogaLA.

Acupuncture has also been healing to the symptoms of endometriosis I deal with monthly. Daphne Calderon Lim at Golden Folk Wellness is absolutely amazing.

Massage is also huge for me. So much is released through touch for me.

Finding stillness is one that I am still learning but is so incredibly important to staying balanced in the constant energy of our city. However you can get there - simply laying still, a bath, meditating, even yoga can bring a sense of stillness to the mind and body.

Free + Native courses! Seriously, I was turned onto them by a friend and have been recommending them ever since.  


v. Mariana Orkenyi - Communal

Daily meditation • I couldn't possibly teach and talk about meditation without having my own practice. It's the time of the day that I look forward to. I practice very early in the morning before my daughter is awake. It's when I create my space to be in silence, do my breathing practice, meditate, pray, connect with my stillness, get ready for the day.

Gardens of Self Realization in Mount Washington • I visit it every week. The place is pretty magical, there is a presence and energy that really recharges me. It feels like we are floating on top of the city and yet so grounded.

Hikes • I love to hike, the one I'm into is in Altadena and ends with a waterfall - Millard Falls.

Yoga • I practice it 2-3x times a week preferably in a heated room, for me sweating while doing the asanas and breath practices is still the best combo. I walk out of there a renew person.

Acupuncture and Cupping • I see Amalia Gardner, at Pardon my Heart. She is so knowledgable. I melt every time I go.

vi. Stevie Van Horn -

The main healer for me is nature and practicing meditation. Being in tune to my five senses when I'm amongst the trees is my therapy and no matter what sort of stressors or dilemmas I go through, it all gets sorted when I am sitting comfortably, placing my hands or feet in the grass/soil, taking in the scenes around me. An amazing fact is that we are electrical beings and we run on a specific magnetic resonance/frequency (7.83 hz to be exact) and this is also the frequency of the "alpha" wave transmitted from our brains which controls our immune systems, our creativity, stress and anxiety, performance, and even more processes! The amazing thing is that the earths frequency is the EXACT same! When I feel out of whack, lost and disconnected and I get the chance to be outside, I am directly realigning myself with the calm of the earth and I feel a wave of comfort and secret knowledge flow back in.


vii. Brittany Payne - Om Shanti Yoga

Lacy Phillips Free and Native - Manifestor/Healer

Chani Nicholas - Writer/Astrologer

Oprah - GOAT (Greatest. Of. All.Time)

Sharon Salzberg - Lovingkindess Guru


viii. Jenna Zoe •  Human Design

Massage • I have SO much air in my chart which meant that I can float off and get overly woo-woo.

Because of all the airiness, a good, grounding massage is most powerful for me anyway.

ix. Michelle Pellizzon • Oh Holisticism

Soul Adventures on Ibiza. It is truly the most magical, healing,  life-changing place I have ever visited. It’s also far more affordable than you’d think. Completely worth it.


Julie Evonne Washington for soul-rejuvenating energy healing sessions.

Maria Kupuli for sound medicine and mindful cacao ceremonies.

Celeste Young for weekend Vipassana and Insight meditation in LA.

Give + Take Class at the Sweat Spot on Monday nights for improv-based dance (the most healing and cathartic).

Hannah Mills for the thoughtfully, intuitively blended teas + deep tea ceremonies.

Keely Semler for breathwork.

Ra Ma for kundalini every Thursday night with Tej.

To get clear: Journal every day for 10 minutes upon waking, while the mind is still floating between subconscious and consciousness. 

To get out of a funk: Read poetry, preferrably love poems by Mary Oliver. Go for a run that feels good, not punishing. Or, stop avoiding the feeling (oops) and instead dive headfirst into by asking, What story am I consenting to that’s continuing my suffering?

To get serious work done: Light incense (sense memory immediately helps me trigger a focused place), put on Kundalini mantras for creativity or theta tunes, begin brainstorming with pen and paper, turn off phone!

To get inspired: When I moved to NYC when I was 18,, someone older and wiser than me told me to find one piece of art in a museum to call my own and to visit that piece every few months. The idea is that as you change and evolve, so does your relationship to the work. After a while, it’s like visiting an old friend. The work becomes your mirror. So whenever I’m really feeling blue or stressed or stuck, I visit my friends at LACMA, The Broad, or The Getty. Particularly Kandinsky-bae and Rauschenberg-bae.

x. Jenna Levine • Linné Botanicals

As a New Yorker I walk everywhere so I show my feet some TLC with at least 30 min of foot reflexology weekly. 

Yoga at Prema in Carrol Gardens. I particularly love their evening practice class after a long workday- the teachers are super mindful and make helpful corrections.

For holistic massage-based facials CAP Beauty and Britta Beauty are supreme. But my new fav aesthetician is DeAnna Brooks of SkinbyBrooks. She has so many innovative gadgets, is the most fun to chat with (you'll want to be her buddy) and my skin always looks and feels amazing after a session with this generous healer.

I also love practicing pilates for strength and alignment. I can highly recommend Fort Pilates in Fort Greene.