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I’m beyond excited about the release of the Elements of Magnetism Roadmaps last Friday. If you missed our launch, head here to learn how they can help you along your journey with The TOOLS. I’m excited because our team worked so hard on creating the roadmaps, but I’m also elated to have some extra guidance along my own UNBLOCKING journey. It’s hard. No matter how well versed you are with The TOOLS or how far along you are in the UNBLOCKING process…it’s easy to get stuck, to feel lost and lose all magnetic direction. I know I’ve been there. This is why we released the Roadmaps in the first place.

How does one stay magnetic on a daily basis? What can we do in each moment to sustain magnetic momentum?

I thought I’d share with you how I’m utilizing the Elements of Magnetism Roadmaps, answering these questions for myself.

First, take the quiz here to find out where you may be weakest in the 4 Elements of Magnetism. As I shared in Introducing the 4 Elements of Magnetism, I’m weakest in FREE. With a weak FREE element, I have a hard time saying no to opportunities or people, even if they don't excite me, for fear that nothing better will come. I don't often believe I deserve or am fully capable of what I desire. And, I have a very hard time standing up for myself. Does this sound like you? Many people may have a weakness in multiple elements. I know I can work on all four. But, since I tend to overbook myself - wanting to always do everything all at once - I decided to force myself to take it one at a time. However, you can take yourself through multiple elements at once. All the power to you.

Discovering FREE

I think the main reason I struggle with FREE is that I have yet to experience a real rock bottom. Sure, I've spent months crying myself to sleep during my adolescence and went through some serious depressive years, but never have I failed so hard or lost everything and fallen to the deepest darks of my rock bottom. Not yet at least. This, as I've heard from Lacy, is magical to have experienced. I've always given myself a cushion, whether I was aware of it or not. During the DI, I kept trying to imagine myself when I was younger, fearless and free. It's taken me awhile to find this time in the depths of my subconscious. Every moment I found myself imaging "free Lila," participating in an activity, running wild - I'd soon realize I had quit whatever I had engaged in. I quit every sport I loved because I feared messing up. I quit piano because I feared performing a recital. I didn't involve myself in mock government or clubs because I feared rejection or failure. I've never been able to fully commit myself to a relationship because I feared heartbreak. I rarely challenge myself because I fear completely screwing up. I fear embarrassment. Fear, fear, fear. 

Being FREE means saying no, bypassing fear and throwing my whole authentic self into life. Sounds terrifying, but it's something I'm excited to finally dive into with the extra support and guidance of the roadmap.

My Daily Work


I was lucky enough to have "early access" to our Roadmap offerings. So, my real personal work started about two weeks ago. I began with the included D.I. and 7 journal prompts. I came to realize through answering these prompts that I'm so afraid of losing people, losing opportunities...letting go of something - with trust that something greater will come - is much more difficult for me than I was fully aware of. Maybe underneath it all, I still have a lot of work to do on my self-worth. Am I worthy of what I truly desire? 

I'm still in the midst of the UNBLOCKED subconscious to-dos. This means taking my journal answers through specific days of UNBLOCKED Inner Child, UNBLOCKED No and UNBLOCKED Shadow. Man have things been coming up for me that I didn't know were there, latched into my subconscious beliefs. This work is getting me to wriggle out the negative programming, clearing my fears and boosting my self-worth. It's been a bit magical.

I've been doing this work rather consistently, daily, but of course life can get in the way. I find that when I'm not hard on myself for skipping a day...it's easier for me to get back into it without a blimp in progress.

Working on taking inventory of the Physical Conscious Reinforcement daily has been SOO eye-opening. They're making me truly analyze where my fears lie and why. When I can break them down, comparing to moments when I do fully feel free...I'm not overwhelmed or anxious about facing them. I've set up activities to do to face certain fears (hello, acting class), and little goals for me to hit in situations where I normally do feel small, stuck and fearful. For example, I'm upset with a friend, but fear losing her so I don't speak up. In this moment, I'm using baby-step actions to stand up for myself...facing that fear. I can write her a letter if I don't want to do face-to-face. I can bring it up nicely, using words like "it makes me feel...." etc. Little steps.

I'm excited to see where this will take me as I'm already seeing results. I've had tests where I'd had to stand up for myself, face certain fears...and in doing so have seen some manifestations come through. A book I had really been wanting to read was randomly gifted to me. I have really wanted to try out surfing, put it out into The Universe and two days later I met someone with an extra board and extra wetsuit. Slowly, but surely, my magnetism is gaining momentum.

Next, I'll be working on EXPANDED. This is another area in my life I need guidance in as I expand my subconscious.


What Element Do You Need to Work On?

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