Ojai Vista Farm • How the Land Connected Us Back to Our Intuition


Our Free and Native team is still on a high from our June retreat at Ojai Vista Farm in Ojai, CA. Escaping the busyness of the every-day and connecting back to our intuition as a team was so magical and left us bursting with creative inspiration. You can read a bit about the breath-taking space where we rested, explored and indulged in creative brainstorms and poolside bonding here. 

We integrated practices, both micro and macro, into nearly every moment to tune back into ourselves and ground with the sacred Ojai land.

We took as much advantage of the environment around us as possible. As soon as we arrived at Ojai Vista Farm, we removed our shoes and socks, wiggling our naked feet into the warm grass to Earth. Earthing is a practice of reconnecting with the Earth to connect back to the Earth’s natural energy. We had team members coming from LA, Arizona and Boston so spending a few extra moments to breathe deeply, close our eyes and become one with the Earth was especially powerful for post-travel grounding. We snacked on freshly-picked oranges and creamy, ripe avocados from the organic farm while sipping on thirst-quenching lemon water under the sun. With bellies content and bodies now grounded, we all slipped into the property’s saltwater pool to truly unwind and refresh. 



Throughout our three-day retreat, we incorporated the grounds of Ojai Vista Farm into our creative meetings and personal work time. We sat outside around the picnic table overlooking nearby hillsides as we brainstormed future Free and Native events, community retreats, blog pieces and workshops. When seeking alone time, each team member chose their spot around the property. Some settled in shaded hammocks with their laptops, others dispersed in pool chairs or under the covered hillside seating area. The land became our office. The quietness gave us permission to tune further into our intuition and creativity. Serious medicine!

We spent our first morning at the farm laying under the pre-noon sky, collectively sinking into a Deep Imagining (DI). From this DI, we were all able to intuit what our body was craving for nourishment and healing. We kept these notes close by for the duration of our retreat to come back to whenever artificial cravings or shadowing thoughts may have lurked.

For a dose of self-care, we visited Daron at Earth Tonics for clearing, cleansing and über relaxing facials. Each of our facials were custom curated depending on our individual skin’s needs. Some experienced micro-current, while others were treated with a Kansa Bronze tool to move the inherent life force within. We all left glowing and under the spell of deep rejuvenation. And, of course with a few product in tow. 

We kept an ear to our body’s messaging when it came to feeding ourselves at each meal. In the mornings, some of us blended nutrient-rich smoothies while others spooned warming bowls of buckwheat porridge, or munched on plates of protein-rich salmon – and washed our meals down with lemon water, tea, tonics and coffee – allowing our bodies and intuition to dictate what they truly needed each day.

For lunchtime, we ventured into downtown Ojai and sampled the fare at The Nest. Here we filled our bellies with fresh poke, steamed veggie bowls and deliciously savory salmon tacos. After licking our plates clean, we cooled down with smoothies from The Farmer and the Cook and explored the local shops. 


Our dinners differed each night. The first was spent in the completely zen outdoors of Ojai Ranch House. We shared personal blocks, indulged in savory dishes of salmon and wrote down our manifestation lists on the paper table cover under the light of the moon. Our second night was spent cozied in the kitchen at Ojai Vista Farm, cooking kitchari and lemony greens together. Fully nourishing our bodies and souls to further tap into our intuition. 


As the sun set, we sipped on chaga prosecco and kombucha (7% alcohol) from Ojai Rancho Inn. There’s no need to restrict oneself from some of life’s simple pleasures (like a cold glass of bubbly on an evening in June). Allowing ourselves to let loose and try new things sharpened our minds, made us more present and enabled us to stretch our creativity.

Nourishing your body with sun, water and fresh local produce is a tried and true practice to reset upon traveling. Let your body come back to itself to turn the volume up on your intuition. The more grounded you can become in a new environment, the more able you’ll be to listen to what your body, mind and soul are craving from the novice experience.

And thank you, Ojai Vista Farm for providing us the space to release and reconnect.

How to Experience an Intuitive Retreat

i. Explore a DI • whether alone, or collectively with your peers allow yourself to explore the depths of your body and soul’s true needs and cravings. Keep this as an intention throughout your retreat.

ii. Spend time in the local natural environment • Take a dip in nearby waters, dance barefoot on the grass or layout under the star. Reconnect with the earth.

iii. Eat locally • munch on produce from as close by as possible. Try local restaurants and support local farms. Everything tastes better. Plus, food is such a portal to connection with the earth and local culture.

iv. Bring a journal • Write down any PINGS or ideas that surface during your time away. Pay close attention to when your intuition is free to surface without distraction to continue recognizing its language long after you leave.

v. Make it a regular thing • Don’t restrict yourself from the opportunities to disconnect from the busyness of the world and reconnect with yourself. Create a retreat in your backyard, local park or somewhere far away as much as you can manage. 


How Are You Spending Your Intuitive Retreat?

Share with us in the comments below.

To learn more about Ojai Vista Farm visit:

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