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Writing has always been a form of release for me. I poured out my deepest anger and heaviest sadness into my journal - ever since I was 12 years-old. Still today, I console myself by typing out stream of consciousness thoughts or writing short stories about day dreams or fears. Yet I hadn't taken a step back from this habit to truly realize how it's been SUCH a tool in my UNBLOCKING.

I'm finding that any artistic expression can be a serious tool in bringing you closer to your truest most authentic self: painting, drawing, dancing, singing....even playing a favorite sport (could certainly be a form of artistic expression) in no way do you need to be talented or even decent at any of these for them to act as a release or UNBLOCKING tool. Sometimes I get up and dance around when I feel like energy is stuck inside me. I have no rhythm...but I still find it immensely helpful. 

Pay attention to what you're drawn to during any of these activities.


Let go of control and just be - just draw, just write, just sing...whatever it may be, don't force anything in particular. When I let my mind guide me in wherever a particular story or poem may go, it opens a window into what may be happening inside my subconscious. Sometimes it takes a few minutes or a few hours for something to come about. Sometimes I'm describing every micro detail about a leaf I've found, but before I know it, I find myself digging deeper and deeper into how I'm feeling at the present moment, what emotions I need to let go of and what memories keep poking through into consciousness. 

After my DIs and once I've answered the journal prompts, I've been giving myself some extra time to write or doodle. More clarity always follows. Without a doubt. My journal is now full of scribbles. Some legible, some not even close. 

The more I utilize artistic expression as an UNBLOCKING tool, the closer I'm feeling to my truest most authentic being.

As cliché as it may sound...I feel as though each moment I get sucked into writing or drawing or dancing, I get to know my authentic self a little bit better. Art allows the walls and programming to slowly drop away. It's modality in which you can express yourself without an ego shell. I tell myself that what I create is for me only. I don't show it to many - if any and this allows me to just write, to just create what's channeling. No filter. I'm slowly understanding my core wants, desires and perspectives. It's really quite magical.


How to Use Art as an UNBLOCKING Tool

i. Find something you truly enjoy doing. Forcing yourself to draw when you really hate it won't help anybody.

ii. Give yourself time and the materials you need...then just let your mind create. Whatever you feel called to do. If nothing is coming, start writing out your exact thoughts or drawing circles. Start to relax.

iii. When things start coming, let them roll on through. No judgements or filters. Let it all out.

iv. When you're done, drained or sore, take a moment to appreciate the release and to take note of what came through.

v. Write it down and take what may have come up through the DRE


What's Your Favorite Form of Artistic Expression?

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