#NATIVEweek No. 80


As you all know, we're on the road at the moment. Many of you DM'ed questions after my live two weeks ago asking, "what was x,y, and z again?" So, we thought we'd stick them in here! 


GROOMING (a recap) • Living Libations Best Skin Ever (cleanser and body oil) and this for body, Soothsayer Serum (face serum), Dew Drops (lighten sun spots), Tooth Truth Polish (toothpaste), Yogi Tooth Serum (everything else in her 8 steps), Everybody and loves the sun (sunscreen if I'm going to be out for a very long time). Sun Potion Shea Butter (body & face moisturizer) Milk & Honey (deodorant), Nucifera (face mask in the bath 2x a week). Acure Shampoo & Conditioner (volume). ZIIP home microcurrent (3x a week). Lunette Moon Cup (for my cycle)

SUMMER CAPSULE (mix & match all summer into fall) • Casey Casey DressBloomersHatPearl Pinky RingCru SkirtBeat Up VansRuffle NeckPantRomperSandleLip. I'm the biggest proponent of building a quality vs quantity wardrobe with one essential to fill each of these spaces a season. I manifested every single one of these items on nearly 70% off on sale, and I mix and match all the pieces all season - allowing the lip, hat, and ring to be my everyday staples that pops and leads my expression of self! 

HYDRATE • the tonic I'm drinking all summer. The one I make if I'm traveling: lemon balm, oat tops, red raspberry leafalfalfa, red clover. If you're drinking 3 cups of this infusion a day, you're it's like taking a full multivitamin and hormone support supplements, and all of the minerals and vitamins all bioavailable (absorbed instantly). 

WELLNESS • I'm traveling with - Saje peppermint roller on the neck (to stay cool and alert), biomat, and Eye Pillow.



I love being a total nomad in the summer - hopping on trains, planes, buses...touching both coasts throughout the season. This presents a challenge (which I find kind of fun) of being selective in what products I bring along with me. This summer's packed bag looked a bit like...

SKIN • My current skincare staples were the first thing I packed: Heart of Gold Red Tara Illuminating Clay Mask and Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum, Tula Moisturizing Day & Night Cream (need extra hydration for my face when I'm being splashed by highly chlorinated water by the kiddos), plus LINNÉ Botanicals Mineral Spray, and of course, Earth Tonics Cardamom Cream Cleanser. This year I also slipped my new favorite lip moisturizer from John Masters Organics.

BELLY • Can't leave the house without my digestive enzymes and Saje Gutzy, plus some peppermint tea for the plane or post-ice cream.

HEALTH • I always take loads of vitamin C and use Ocean Saline Nasal Spray while traveling to ward off the airplane germs. 

HOME • As much as I love the nomad life, it feels so great to come home. I love to welcome myself back with flowers from LA's local Flower Boy Project and a hearty healthy meal from Café Gratitude (my favorite). 


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