Intuitive Conscious Summer Holiday


The summer season can generate a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out), even for someone like me who likes to believe she's not at all susceptible to such a social disease. But, alas....the sun starts shining on more hours of the day and my Instagram feed becomes littered with images from across the globe of vacations, beaches, bikinis and suntans. How can one not start to feel a bit of FOMO? Jealousy?

I've felt this most strongly around the all so popular summer holidays, like today! If I weren't at some star-studded beachside banger for the Fourth, I'd feel as though I seriously needed to reevaluate my social life, or I would feel like I were doing the holiday all wrong, or simply wallow in my FOMO and disappointment. I'm working on this and I do believe it simmers with age. Yet, it's definitely difficult to escape such summer holiday FOMO in today's habit of constantly scrolling through everyone showing off all summer long, and perhaps feeling the pressure to show off yourself. So how does one enjoy a FOMO-free intuitive conscious summer holiday?

Here are a few tips I'm implementing:


i. Take a phone break • Sure, may sound obvious, but try deleting Instagram for a hot sec or leave your phone indoors while you frolic in the holiday sunshine. Be present during the day and break the habit that everything has to be documented in order to have had happened. 

ii. DRE under the sun • Get tan while you reprogram why you're feeling FOMO in the first place. What's triggering you to be upset or feel left out?

iii. Make a list of some summer plans you'd love to indulge in • Make them happen! Ask yourself what will make you happy, what you want to experience during this special season, or what you want to accomplish. Mine include swimming in the ocean more often, enjoying drinks outdoors with friends in the evenings, taking an acting class. Summer is a great time to act on what you've been flirting with in your mind. Do it.

iv. Take advantage of the extra daylight • Spend as much time outdoors as you can. As Nadine Artemis explains, sunshine is vital to our health. Soak it all up. I've been waking up early with the sun to go for a long run or walk before the real day begins. It's been so healing. And there's something so intoxicating about an evening stroll.

v. Have the summer travel bug? • Go for a long drive, book a flight (sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights!!), be spontaneous. The best stories are those that are unplanned.


Most importantly, slow down. It's okay to have evenings with no plans and nothing to do. Indulge in some boredom. Summer doesn't have to be packed with activities and social engagements. When invited somewhere, listen to your intuition. If you don't truly want to go, but summer FOMO has you believing you should...don't. Spend this season doing what makes you really happy, not something that has you smiling blankly on someone's IG feed. 

Now, stop surfing the web and enjoy this holiday outdoors! Dancing, swimming, eating, DRE-ing, or alone under the fireworks.

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