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Photo cred:  Visual Ritual

Photo cred: Visual Ritual

When it comes to manifestation, we all know there is a grounded, actionable and practical formula that not only helps you become more you but also incredibly magnetic. Ten years ago when I set out to live my dream career - one that inspired others to do to what they truly love - I didn’t know this formula or even the concept of manifesting things in our life as possible. I was raised with the programming that if you worked hard, day in and day out and always tried your best, you would succeed. 

My name is Amanda Chase, Founder of ōSHen Creative, a creative agency for holistic wellness brands. We're so excited to introduce this new monthly column on manifesting dream careers -- the practical, grounded and actionable way! Today, we're starting at the beginning by understanding how to start manifesting your dream career.  

Looking back, what I find to be quite interesting is the fact that I was intuitively putting those actionable steps into play - looking for expanders, making a list of non-ego based items on my manifestation list and acting on pings. Fast forward to January 2018, when I created intentions for the year and unblocked some limiting beliefs that were keeping my career small I really started to manifest my dream career. And now, seven months later I can truly say that I am living out that dream — and unlike the past, this time I accomplished it with the help of three tools - How to Manifest Workshop, Unblocked Opulence, and the Daily Reprogramming Exercise. 

The tools allowed me to become extremely specific with what exactly my authentic self, truly wanted and (most importantly) capable of achieving and it was through these workshops and the deep unblocking that has allowed me to step into my power and things have skyrocketed ever since. The best part? I have much more responsibility, work the same amount of hours and am more in line and in flow than ever in my life.

Photo cred:  Visual Ritual

Photo cred: Visual Ritual

The Why. 

I started from the bottom of the totem pole and worked my way up to be the Founder and Creative Director of ōSHen Creative. I love what I do. I wake up every day with a smile, with extreme gratitude and serious passion. My life wasn't always like this -- with all the hard work, late nights and simply just not listening to my body I became completely out of flow and burnt out. The problem was that I was trying desperately to make everything work out with the sake of trying to live out that dream career and so I thought this was normal. Now, I understand that living a more inflow life is actually when you're living your authentic life. 


We're creating this new column for all of you out there who are deeply craving expanders for new ways to approach work-life balance, finding your passion and starting a business from the bottom to the top with the help of manifestation tools. 


We want to shed light on a topic that we feel is deeply under-represented in the world today - this concept of enjoying your work, having a job that aligns with your life’s purpose and ultimately living a more harmonious, inflow and authentic life through the lens of your job. We spend 40+ hours a week of our lives are spent working so we’re on a mission to change the dialog from this soul-sucking thing that you have to do just to get by to living your dharma and having abundance - whatever that means for you.


The How. 

Photo cred:  Visual Ritual

Photo cred: Visual Ritual

Understanding what I wanted to do took me a little time. I first started looking around me and taking inventory of things that made me happy, things that I was doing just for fun. This is what we call creating your non-ego based manifestation list. Because I knew that I wanted to one day enjoy my work and career. And well, I was creating a lot of mood boards on my bedroom floor. The first time I picked up NYLON Magazine, I discovered a world that I didn't even know existed. This is when it all began. 

I couldn't stop rearranging words and images on pieces of paper that I would eventually cover my teenage bedroom walls with. I always worked (14 years old working at Subway was my first job) but this allowed me to see that people were creating this and this was a job so this was the first clue of what I wanted to do with my life. This was just the best thing ever. And then, thanks to TV shows like The Hills, I was able to see that this was actually possible. Yes, The Hills were my expanders and I actually interned for someone from that show a few years later in LA.

Growing up in suburbs of Maryland, this career path was unheard of and completely a far-fetched dream and I'm pretty sure that because it was going to be challenging I wanted to do it even more - to prove to others that anyone can do anything. But, what I did at this time was the same thing that we know to be true about manifestation - the same steps. And that's how we'll start today. 


Let's Begin. 

Think of your dream career (let's get outlandish here, don't play small -- really listen to your intuition, don't worry about the how)

i. what does it look like?

ii. what are you doing?

iii. who are you working with/for?

iv. what are you wearing?

v. where are you working?

vi. what most importantly what aspects of yourself does it bring out in you?

By understanding your core wants and desires, you are one step closer to that dream career because it's now tangible and you can almost taste it. Creating this list also helps us understand how to say no to things that are not on the list as these things are called tests and they are not your dream career. Of course, you can say yes to those tests and they will be great learnings on your path. That's the beauty with all of this - everything is a lesson. 

Next month, we'll explore the steps to start making your dream a reality. If you are already living your dream career, please expand the community and share in the comments your non-ego based manifestation list. If you are looking for more clarity on your dream career, click here.


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Photo cred: Visual Ritual


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