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We're stoked to share Meghan Wallace James' magic touch for Feng Shui with you, as a means of support for your UNBLOCKED work and a modality to cleanse, clear and make physical space for manifestations to come through. 

Hello, my name is Meghan Wallace James and I am honored and thrilled to be here. Thank you for exploring my modality of Modern Feng Shui in conjunction with the powerful blocks you have been excavating with the ever-lovely Lacy. Manifestation and Modern Feng Shui are dreamy counterparts: inner and outer work, both magnifying the other, and permeating deeper in tandem than possible alone.

Feng shui has been my muse and shepherd since I arrived in Los Angeles five years ago. This ancient Chinese art form has guided me through a cross-country move, a renovation, a home birth, a divorce, a multitude of homes as a single mother with two young sons - and now - the launch of my bicoastal consultancy, which is equal parts energetic and aesthetic - or what I call Modern Feng Shui.  Whew!  I share all of this to assure you that feng shui truly works

Enduring for over four thousand years, Feng Shui has spread throughout the globe as both healing salve and magical elixir. 

I was smitten with it from the very start; it simply felt so obvious to me that I was/am shocked that more folks are not utilizing these powerful tools to get their lives to work for them. As a project controls engineer, I cherish the highly practical attributes of Feng Shui: organization, clarity, balance, and harmony.  And as a fashion designer, I adore the beauty and style that a fully activated space possesses.

I base my modality off of a Westernized Bagua map, which is a classic feng shui energy map of your home, using your front door as a point of orientation. The Bagua divides your home into nine equal-sized ‘guas,’ or zones, each with their own energy connotation, color family and material element. There are many more associations and cross references, feng shui is a fascinating science of great depth.


Exhibit A: Westernized Bagua Map

You always enter your home into one of the following three guas: Wisdom (front left), Life Path (front center) or Attraction (front right), depending on where your front door is located. From there, you use the Bagua map to direct yourself in learning your home’s alignment. Walk to the back right, and you’re in your Love gua. Walk to the middle left, and you’re in your Family gua.

Different branches of Feng Shui use cardinal directions and/or astrological calculations. While I am accredited in these schools, I keep coming back to the Westernized format of using the front door for two primary reasons: 

  1. the incredible effectiveness

  2. the simplicity

Modern Feng Shui works from the macro (your plot of land) to the micro (your desktop) and everywhere in between (a particular room). You always use the entrance as your point of orientation.

I aim to empower you to take radical accountability for your life and environment with Modern Feng Shui. The work takes three months, on average, to permeate, to actuate noticeable shifts. It’s a bit akin to gardening where you tend to the land, plant the seeds and then wait for the blossoming.  Therefore, no time like the present to get moving… to dive into the Modern Feng Shui complements for the various Free & Native offerings.

Note: Most homes are not perfectly symmetrical; do not worry about this here and now.  If you are called to work with me, I will help you remedy with a variety of cures.


How to Manifest Workshop


  • You have to get fresh, vibrant energy into your home before you can circulate said energy throughout your home. Make sure that entering your home is a pleasurable experience. Start outside and walk up to and into your home with ‘detective eyes’ on, as though this is not your home, rather someone else’s home, and you are searching for metaphorical connections between property and life experience.

  • Modern Feng Shui reveals itself within the metaphor. What do you see when you walk up to and into your home? And how does it make you feel?

    • Is your home’s exterior clean and tidy?

    • Can you easily spot your address number?

    • Can you clearly see your front door?

    • Does your doorbell work?

    • Does your mailbox look ‘check worthy’ or ‘bill worthy’?

    • What does your landscaping, or lack thereof, communicate?

    • In the evening, do your exterior lights come on?

  • When you enter your home, are there systems in place to gather and organize the ‘trappings of your day’? Are you energetically invited to sit down and take off your shoes, drop your mail and keys, hang your bag?

  • Meander throughout your home, as though riding upon a current of energy.  Is the flow smooth and engaging, or are you literally running into things?


  • Locate your Wisdom gua, in the front left of your home.  This area resonates with dark colors, particularly black, and the element of Earth.  What visual reinforcements could live here, which support your development into a wiser, freer individual?  Perhaps you move your favorite spiritual texts here, creating a reading nook, grounded with a large black tourmaline crystal.

  • Locate your Legacy gua, in the back center of your home. This area resonates with fiery colors and the element of Fire. Light a candle here. If safe, let this candle burn to completion to purify this gua, activating your personal legacy, or what you shall be remembered for in this lifetime.





  • Partnership becomes activated in your home via space for another - literal space for another person - to park, to eat, to hang garments in the closet, to brush teeth at the sink, to sleep in the bed.

  • I’m fond of saying, “Think in pairs for love.” Why have one chair when you could balance it with another? Duality! Many of my single clients have single elements in their home, simply one of everything. When we add that matching stool at the counter, or that complementing bedside table, they start to feel into their partner’s impending presence. They are ready for another to share their time, space and heart.

  • Look at the messaging in your art. Just as many singles have their homes designed for one, their art also reinforces a life of solitude. Often the single ladies I work with have their walls filled with sad yet sexy segments of women. Come on now! Replace your art with uplifting, loving imagery. Think in pairs for love. And hang art at eye level for the best vibes.

  • Another partnership consideration is a balance in polarity, meaning equal yin (energetically feminine) elements and equal yang (energetically masculine) elements. This is not about the sex of the partners, rather about the delicious polarity of strong sexual attraction. Yes please.


  • Locate your Love gua, in the back right of your home. This area resonates with sensual colors and the element of Earth. Make sure this corner is on point, and feels balanced and loving, speaking to the relationship you are calling in/are currently in.

  • Really keen? Activate the ‘Love Corner’ of every room - the back right of every room - with Earth, duality, polarity, color, texture, imagery - whatever you already own and want to factor in. Please remember form and function. Yes, your home is a living vision board, yet do not make it look like one. Elegance is an important consideration.

  • Your bedroom behaves as an ancillary Love gua, no matter where it is situated on your floor plan. Make sure your bedroom is romantic and mature, and conducive to a beautiful relationship: i.e. move your overflowing hamper.




  • The number one block to opulence is quite simply… the ever dreaded… clutter. Clutter tells The Universe that you have more than enough abundance, and to not send any more, for it has no place to live. Clutter is the manifestation of unmade decisions. You invite in clarity and prosperity when you begin to make those unmade decisions by clearing the piles out of your home.

  • Assigning each and every possession a home within your home will effectively eliminate clutter. It provides clear boundaries. If there is not enough room, something must leave to create space; this is where the adage ‘one in, one out’ hails from.

  • Clean, empty countertops are a wonderful perch for opulent vibes to land upon, and are soothing to the eye. Make glistening surfaces a priority when manifesting money.

  • The stove has long been associated with prosperity in feng shui. Make sure all of your burners are working. Spread the wealth around: alternate burners, instead of firing up the same one every time you heat your kettle. Clean the exterior and interior of your oven. If possible, pull the unit away from the wall and clean under and around.


  • Locate your Abundance gua, in the back left of your home. This corner resonates with colors associated with wealth, such as gold, green, red, and royal purple, and the element of Wood. This is an awesome home for a lush, woody plant - yet only if it is an absolutely clutter-free-zone. This gua harks to long term wealth… your nest egg, your vacation home, your dream luxuries. Being in this place of your home should make you feel simply decadent.

  • Locate your Family gua, in the middle left of your home. This area resonates with shades of green and the element of Wood. Abundance and Family work in tandem. While Abundance is longterm wealth, Family harks to the everyday cash, or the necessities of daily living: think rent, groceries and gas. This is another prime place for a ‘money tree.’

  • A beautiful feng shui cure for opulence is rich, glossy shades of paint. When you paint a room, you change the entire atmosphere, thus your entire mindset.





  • When was the last time you cleared your home with sage and palo santo? Find a rhythm and routine that works for you and make smudging a habit; it makes a palpable difference.

  • Next, ask your shadow where it lurks within your home. You’ll receive the answer immediately. Likely contenders: closets, or any area of the home that feels overwhelming to you. It will be cathartic to get in there and clean it out - and daunting, I’m well aware. I often partner with my clients to ‘move out’ and then ‘move back in.’ We literally take everything out of the area, thoroughly clean and activate, before returning select items. This is a powerful way to shift your energetic footprint, internally and externally. Your environment reinforces your subconscious beliefs. If you transform your overwhelming, crowded closet into a mini-oasis of self care, you inhabit a whole new world.

  • Wardrobes harbor much shadow; clothing carries much sentimental and emotional charge. Are you ready to release what no longer serves you? Consign or donate, but open that hanger space for a new style identity to emerge, one in accordance with your authentic self.


  • Locate your Attraction gua, in the front right of your home. This area resonates with metallic shades and the element of Metal. This is classically referred to the ‘Helpful People & Travel’ gua - the Earth angels and destinations that you attract when you are your most magnetic self.

  • Designate a metal ‘Gratitude Box’ to place in your Attraction gua. Write sincere notes of gratitude to people and events that have already happened or have yet to happen. Soothe your triggers. Repave or pre-pave the energetic path to harmony.




  • Are you storing anything in your parents’ or primary caregivers’ homes?  If so, I strongly recommend that you do NOT do this any longer.  Find a way to disentangle.  Storing possessions in your childhood home intermingles the familial energies, and scatters your clarity. Also, if so, what are you storing there? What is the correlation with the stored possessions and your relationship with your parents/caregivers?

  • We have already located your Love & Attraction guas. Love correlates with the family matriarch/maternal caregiver; Attraction with the family patriarch/paternal caregiver. Does this knowledge spark any epiphanies?

  • Food and family stories are intertwined. Take this opportunity to unplug your refrigerator; move it out from the wall to clean under, behind and all around. Then open it up and take everything out; empty the freezer as well. Deep clean the interior. Only return what truly serves you with nourishment and health. Commit to smaller, fresher market trips. See your fridge as an altar to wellness.


  • Locate your Creativity gua, in the middle right of your home. This area resonates with metallic shades and the element of Metal. Gather some art supplies and spend time here creating with your inner child.  What does the artwork say to you?  Try this exercise in combination with the Daily Reprogramming.

  • Locate your Health gua, in the middle and heart center of your home. This area resonates with neutral tones and the element of Earth. How does it feel here? Can you move freely? Is there fresh air flow, sunlight? Again, interpret metaphors. I find the funkiest stuff living in the heart centers of the home. Remember, this gua interconnects all of the others. It should be pristine.




  • Television -  full of toxic messaging and fear.  

    • Have one?

    • Maybe it’s the Waldorf Mama in me, but I implore you to consider life sans-television. Not absorbing news and commercials alone sends a resounding NO to The Universe.

    • Is it the first thing you see when you walk in the door and/or lay down in bed?

    • How much time do you spend glued to it?

    • Do you really need it?

  • Modern Feng Shui your iPhone: wipe the front with an alcohol wipe; delete any triggering contacts; block numbers if you really need to; delete old photos or store those puppies on the Cloud; get a fresh case. If your screen is cracked, you are looking through shards all day long. Ouch! Furthermore, decide to never charge your phone beside your bed again. Allow yourself reprise to unplug.

  • Expand the shui to your wallet and/or handbag. Consider what you choose to carry on your person all day long.

  • Expand the shui to your car. Your car carries you through life.


  • Locate your Life Path gua, in the front middle of your home. This area resonates with watery, dark tones and the element of Water. It speaks to the ‘big picture’ of your life experience. It incorporates career, yes, yet is so much larger than that.

This is a beautiful place to keep fresh flowers, in fresh water, in a lovely glass vase (glass is considered a Water element in feng shui). Make it a weekly ritual to treat yourself to flowers. Life and prosperity will greet you upon entering your home.  May these flowers remind you to advocate for your highest potential on this day.

If this information resonated with you, please reach out.  I would love to partner with you and your home, business or style.

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