#NATIVEweek No. 81 • Modalities for Support from the FN team


Working through the TOOLS, unblocking and reprogramming your subconscious can sound...well, very overwhelming. Instead of staring blankly at the big picture of change in transition, start looking at the baby steps you can incorporate daily to support yourself and progress to greater and greater magnetism. We're sharing some of our favorite methods of self-support from the FN team. 


Yes, to EVERYTHING by this woman. Follow! Also, I hope everyone is following this guy?

Please tell me that anyone suffering from an auto-immune has listed to every podcast from Dr. Jack Kruse@Puakai introduced me. They are the same principles that healed her and here is the science behind why. Sun, spring water, earth, and removing yourself from the environment that got you sick/ emf/ bluelights. 

To buy or not to buy?

Chewing on this page-turner for the rest of the week.  

The chicest CBD (and best sourced) 

What would the world be like if we all admitted this and adhered to this? 


I've been seriously indulging in some face mask fun. I feel clean and revitalized, but I've also found that putting a face mask on forces me to stay still and slow down for at least 10 minutes which is always necessary. This is my current fave.

Reading!! Putting down my streaming devices and picking up a book has made my summer all the much better. I'm finding expanders, story-inspo, life advice...you name it. Books force my focus from a million things to one. Reading thisthis and this. (Full on Man Gen reading multiple books at once)

Some retail therapy...I picked up these jeans and this jumpsuit whilst attempting to shed the lack mentality I absorbed from my recent visit with my fam. Feeling good and feeling supported – new items are always fun.


When it comes to astrology, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it feels a bit over my head. Sure, I check my horoscope every day here but I never really let that information dictate the direction that I make decisions. Now with The Pattern App, I can't help but feel more validated, understood and empowered with where I am in my life and with decisions I make relating to my career, relationships, and more. I like to say it's modern astrology insights for all the non-astrologers out there. 


I practice Vedic meditation typically twice a day. It keeps me grounded, sane, and able to make the most level-headed decisions for my business and employees. Recently, I've been replacing my second mediation of the day with Ashley Neese's breathwork exercises and I've noticed remarkable changes in my stress levels afterward. Focusing on my diaphragm, the inhalations and exhalations, all the while focusing my mind on the simplicity of breathing has allowed me to come out of these sessions feeling even more clear and focused. 

Some of my most innovative and creative ideas for work come from when I am technically not doing anything. As a manifestor human design profile, it's imperative for me to have downtime for the pings or downloads from the universe to come to me. Taking time to go to the ocean and reconnecting with nature has been a big theme for the past couple of months. Recently, my friends and I created Bad Surfer Club, where all we do is sit on our boards once a week and talk all things business, relationships and life advice. Currently manifesting a chic, minimal and practical surfboard so my dear friend doesn't have to keep bringing me her extra board. 


When I'm feeling all over the place, tired, or just not right, I make myself a nutritious meal with protein, fat, fiber and greens to balance my blood sugar. Body Love shares so many good recipes. 

When my skin starts to break out from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I like to relax with a face mask like the Green Tea Clay Mask from Woodlot and follow it up with the most amazing Clearing Serum by Kypris Beauty.

Sleep is truly the best medicine – so I'll use my Sleep Well essential oil blend by Saje Natural Wellness, put on an eye mask like this one, and try to hit the sheets around 8:30 pm.


I love to do Unblocking in the bath. Getting relaxed and being in a place with no distractions really helps me drop in. Recently, I've been loving this milk & honey soak from moon bath – It's very warm and comforting and softens the skin as you Unblock. I like to turn all the lights out and light candles.

I've been making my own with organic coconut wax and lavender essential oils. I go off of this candle making tutorial. Make sure whatever candle you burn is non-toxic– if it has paraffin wax or fragrance in it, you should stay away.

After I finish unblocking I like to do some stretches and use it as a time to really reset during the day. I always feel so energetic and free after completing an Unblocked session.


When the overwhelm starts to take control, I instantly know I need to unplug from wifi and head to the nearest site of nature asap. For me, this means taking an afternoon stroll on the beach while listening to this audiobook or giving myself an oil massage after a cold shower to relieve any residue of stress.

Lately I've been so into stargazing! My summer night ritual of laying under the stars, making lavender chamomile tea, and journaling before unblocking has helped me tremendously with unwinding after a task-filled day.

This meditation is also the perfect remedy right before I hit the sheets, as it balances the water in my system and gives me complete peace of mind before the lights go out.

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