Embarking on the Whole 30 • My Take on Cleansing

Embarking on the Whole 30 My Take on Cleansing

Cleanses, to me, often sound so impermanent - fad diets, juice cleanses. I roll my eyes. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I'm not all that great at sticking to them. Our bodies have their own very capable detox systems, working 24/7 to keep our bodies healthy and strong. It seems to me that we often forget about this. We forget that all our body is trying to do is keep us alive, help us thrive...regardless of all the crap we can stuff into it on a Friday night, or the negative things we knit pick about our frame. 

I've been working this past year on seriously fine-tuning my intuition, discovering modalities for self-care and positive self-speak (as I've shared) and along with all the UNBLOCKING work I've done simultaneously...well, I've been pleasantly surprised by how greatly my mentality about my body and myself has shifted. Sure, I still struggle with haunting thoughts from a disordered past. Those ghosts are hard to fight off. But, learning who I am and loving that authentic soul within my body is making it easier and easier to be genuinely happy. And easier to separate my appearance and how I nourish myself from my self-worth. My body is strong, beautiful and capable. Yours is too. 


So why am I now embarking on a "cleanse" equipped with its own hashtag and empire? This is by no means a plug for Whole 30.

I’ve found a strong correlation between my own limiting beliefs and my success rate with following cleanses (okay, I don’t want to call this a cleanse because that sounds a bit hypocritical after my eye roll and all, but I suppose that is what this is at its core. Just follow along). I decided to take these thoughts through DRE, UNBLOCKED Inner Child and UNBLOCKED Shadow and I came to uncover some rather insightful blocks. I’m using the Whole 30 as support for my reprogramming.

For example, one of my biggest shadows I’ve recently discovered is my fear of others thinking I’m better than them / thinking highly of myself. In UNBLOCKED Inner Child, I discovered that my mom’s extremely healthy lifestyle and thin frame made me feel I’d never be good enough, healthy enough, thin enough like her. After years of disordered eating in high school and still feeling unfit, I resisted trying to escape failure. As a people pleaser, I never wanted to disappoint friends by not partaking in eating all the pizza, chips, you name it…and would sacrifice my own well-being and physical comfort to appease them. This is all just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m hoping it could inspire you to look inwards; where are your limiting beliefs holding you back from any sort of accomplishment?

Now if any of you have heard about the Whole 30, you know it’s pretty much just strict paleo eating for 30 days. You can read the guidelines here. I’ve successfully followed the plan all the way through once - in college - and have dropped out every time I’ve tried since, for reasons stated above. Throughout these next 30 days, (today is my Day 3), I’ll share bits of how I’m doing, what I’m eating, and any other answers you might be looking for. 

Regardless of what approach you take to mentally cleanse and support your body, here is how I now embark on the journey:

i. First discover what could impede your success. Why aren’t you able to resist that chocolate craving or night of drinking? Where are you feeling small that’s keeping you from sticking with something? This may take you awhile to iron out - I know it did for me. 

ii. Take what you’ve discovered through UNBLOCKED Inner Child, UNBLOCKED Shadow, UNBLOCKED No, or the DRE - or whatever you feel speaks the most to you depending on your block/trigger.

iii. Where / what do you need to work on and reprogram?

iv. Make a game plan! Invited to grab drinks with a friend? Suggest tea or a stroll. How will you stand up for yourself when your mind starts to wander back to its limiting beliefs?

v. How will you respond when your subconscious screams “You’ll fail anyways, just have the cookie!!!!” Or “Your friends won’t want to hang out with you if you don’t eat gluten!!!”

vi. Meal Prep. Sounds obvious. But the times I’ve failed are ALWAYS because I didn’t meal prep. I’m sharing some of my favorite meals on the Whole 30 on IG live. Tune in today!

vii. Give yourself extra love and support. Your reprogramming, old limiting beliefs and shadows are going to rear their unfriendly heads, you’re also missing the sweet instant gratification of sugar and comfort food. Take an extra long bath, stay in bed longer than you normally would. Be kind and be loving to your body and mind.

viii. Remember, how you do or how long you follow any set guidelines is not at all tied to your worth. Life should never be put on hold because you’re chugging juice or chewing on beef jerky. If you are to jump ship (for lack of a better metaphor) early, just take a peek at why. Was it to please someone else? Or was it because you had the opportunity to do something / try something amazing and needed to be spontaneous?

ix. Love yourself and your body regardless of the reason. If it is to appease others or because of your own limiting beliefs, dive into reprogramming those for a healthier, happier you.

x. Record your journey! It’s great to look back on if you want to embark again in the future. Take note of what worked for you, what didn’t. What recipes or practices you loved and look to incorporate post-cleanse.

Positive results and feelings from any reset or cleanse should not be boxed away with your leftover aloe juice. Keep them with you, how can you continue to feel this way for the rest of forever?


Comment below if you’ve experienced something similar.

What limiting beliefs have held you back from accomplishing something?

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