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And just like that, a month flies by, we’re back today with the Kismet Creations Column and picking up right where we left off. Each month, we’re taking you on an action-oriented journey on how to manifest your dream career. Last month, we learned how to create your non-ego manifestation list for that dream job through asking yourself some more in-depth questions that the usual checklist and today we’re continuing to go deeper. 

If you’re new, you may be wondering, why are we focusing on how to manifest dream jobs? Well, put simply, because it’s about time we all start devoting our time, energy, passion and hard work into something that we are deeply connected to and from an energetic perspective when we are in our authentic work the universe can’t help but support us. Today, we’re going deep and learning how to cultivate the inner worth that is required for your dream job to manifest in a physical form. I like to say that we’re matching the insides with the outsides. Get ready to get your hands dirty, F&N manifestors. This is what it's all about. 

Take It From Me

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As mentioned previously, I’ve always wanted to inspire people to live out their dream life and career and as a result, I decided at an early age that I would dedicate my entire life to proving to others that if I can do it, so can they. That was 10 years ago. I’m now living that dream. And through creating the non-ego manifestation list and then unblocking some serious low-self worth beliefs through Unblocked Money, it has now manifested itself into something that I couldn’t even believe was possible. 

And that moment, when it went from 0 to 60 was right after I started the Unblocked Money workshop in January of 2018. Through the deep work that I did with journaling, hypnosis and uncovering a deep block, I was able to push through to taking my consulting gig to a full-time creative agency. Wondering what that deep block of mine was? Funny enough, despite all my 10 years of “working my way up” and “starting from the bottom” to learn every single detail of running of a creative agency, deep down I still didn’t feel WORTHY of working with clients and running an agency. Why? 

Well, from all those years of having to “prove” myself to my family, friends, and colleagues, I realized that it totally took a toll on my heart and my self-esteem. I spent years trying to prove to everyone that what I wanted to do was possible and that I was “good” enough to hang with that crowd only left me feeling pretty low. Now, I wouldn’t say that I felt super low in my worth at this time, it was just mediocre — it only occurred to me how low this self-worth was after the workshop and through the deep inner work that comes from the workshops (that’s typically how things roll over here with those powerful F&N tools).

The ah-ha moment during the workshop was after I took inventory of my work and the services that I provide realizing that with each and every client I put my heart and soul into everything I create with the utmost integrity and authenticity and that if I was in there shoes I would hire myself. This was the major game changer epiphany. Once I realized that I was worthy (here’s a blog post that really sums up that moment in my life) and started embracing my masculinity (by far my favorite energetic component of the opulence workshop) it completely changed things. I can’t tell you how long I’ve played small during my career and all that did was rob me of listening to my intuition, standing up for myself, and ultimately my self-worth. 

Cultivating Masculine Energy

I’m currently reading Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés and I can barely go a page without circling, highlighting or bookmarking a phrase in this incredible book. This quote is exactly what we’re talking about here with worth, masculine energy and how that relates to physical manifestations. 

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“When women re-surface from their naïveté, they draw with them and to themselves something unexplored. In this case, the now worse woman draws an internal masculine energy to her aid. In Jungian psychology, this element has been named animus; a partly mortal, partly instinctual, partly cultural element of a woman’s psyche that shows up in fairy tales and in dream symbols as her son, husband, stranger and/or lover - possibly threatening depending on her psychic circumstances of the moment. This is particularly valuable because it is invested with qualities which are traditionally bred out of women, aggression being one of the more common.

…The stronger and more integrally vast the animus (think of the animus as a bridge) the more able, easily, and with style, the woman manifests her ideas and her creative work in the outer world in a more concrete way. A woman with poorly developed animus has lots of ideas and thoughts but is unable to manifest them in the outer world. She always stops short of the organization or implementation of her wonderful things.” - Page 63

And then circling back to my story — all of a sudden, once I reprogrammed that way too feminine, passive and low self-worth programming, all the stars aligned both inside my body and mind but also in the physical realm. I started to be seen as a “creative” in the industry and started getting serious recognition for my work on the physical realm with an expander article, a podcast interview, asked to an interview, co-lead a webinar, and be a guest on a panel.  All because I started to emit this energetic frequency that I was truly worth everything that I've worked these past 10 years for especially in my career and my offering. Yes, all of these dream things came 10 years later. Luckily, with the help of F&N tools, discovering your worth, unblocking limiting beliefs and exploring your masculine energy can take you a lot less time than 10 years. Are you ready to match your insides with your outsides? 

How To Discover Your Career Worth

  1. First, start with working through at your own pace Unblocked Money. This is where you’ll discover your masculine worth, creating portals and taking action!

  2. And if you finish that and are still feeling some shadowy parts in your subconscious related to your past or programming that may be holding you back, I’d then go through the Integrated Elements Roadmap. You’ll be prompted to hold your self-accountable through conscious check-ins and additional workshops such as Unblocked Shadow, Unblocked Inner Child and the Daily Reprogramming Exercise.

  3. And if you have questions during this experience, check out Supported! Connect with fellow manifestors, have any questions answered by Lacy and more!

Now it's your turn. Keep the conversation going in the comments - share with us your experiences, your unblockings and more as it will only continue to expand others. This is a big one... if you put in the work, I can promise you that by next month, a lot of things will have changed with your self-worth and you’ll start to see some serious things starting to manifest.

Next month, we’ll be learning about networking with your expanders so if you haven’t done so already make that list! 

Amanda Chase

@meamandac // ōSHen Creative