#NATIVEweek No. 82

how to manifest things

A collection of what Lila and Lacy are loving this month.


i. You guys, I joined the red glasses blue light blocking cult. After Dr. Jack Kruse

ii. Just when you thought that there aren't any cool undergarments in the world. These ones pop up! 

iii. Anybody else needing to reapply deodorant a few time a day in this heat to avoid smelling like a hippie? I've been using this for afternoon sprays. 

iv. A few months ago I had a nagging ping that told me to head to Skylight Books in Los Feliz after work one day. So I thought, 'hey, I'll pick up a new journal.' When I arrived, people were gathered around to listen to an author speak. When Franchesca Ramsey walked out, it's as if she sparkled. I took a mental note and thought, 'this girl is my expander in bravery. She's a light who is leading this conversation with humor, humility, patience, and epic analogies.' Finished her book this weekend and I highly recommend it for all. 

v. Did you guys know that these super cute, vegan, sustainable shoes are a thing? 

vi. This author gifted me her book after my Soho House recording with Almost Thirty. She also left behind her bright aura. Can't wait to dig in when I'm at the FN house next. 

vii. The dress I've worn every single day since buying it. 


i. Does anyone else reread books from childhood? I have forever been obsessed with Sharon Creech books since third grade. I recently ordered my ultimate favorite, Walk Two Moons to relive some of my favorite childhood memories. Always inspires me. 

ii. I've never dry brushed (gasp!), but I've been manifesting a reputable brush and POP here it is. I can't wait to try this one.

iii. My hair has been feeling super dried out recently - from the heat, sun, who-knows-what. I started using John Masters Organics Hair Mask and it works WONDERS. 

iv. My acupuncturist, Juliana King, recommended I start taking Chaste Tree to help my skin and overall mood. It aids low progesterone, so I seriously recommend discussing with a trusted practitioner before self administering but I'm noticing such a big difference. Yay!

v. Speaking of Juliana, she has also been treating my back pain and inflammation with cupping. I know this is very "in vogue" right now, and I can't lie I do enjoy strolling around with those big purple circles peaking out on my shoulder blades. But man, it feels amazing. 


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