#NATIVEweek No. 83 • FN Team’s Fall Equinox Must-Haves


As we gear up for Autumn Equinox (the day of balance between the light and shadow), we have a pretty special newsletter going out Saturday about practices and ways to honor it within your UNBLOCKED Village as well as by yourself. Hint, there is a vintage herbal wine recipe for protection, a practice with gold yarn, offerings, and the scents to burn. Subscribe here. In the meantime, here is a round up of what we've all been into over here! 


i. The new FN Retreat House is 4,000 ft in altitude in a state park so needless to say that hippie socks, wool shawls, and tea are always a thing here. After tasting a lot of tea up here lately, I think we can all agree that this and this are my two favorites. 

ii. Forgive me if this is a repeat from #NATIVEweek 81 but @jstlbby is a modern day prophet. My algorithm agrees as every one of her posts show up on my feed. This woman is bringing everyone up with such positivity by being her totally own authentic self. Pure magnetism right here! Follow herDaily

iii. Living in this shirt with high waisted pants and skirts. And this dress. Repeat. Repeat. 

iv. Burning this daily in the FN House. 

v. The summer is almost over but Yosemite still has pools of fresh water in the Cascades and the temp is still in the 90s up here well into November, so I have my eye on this and this chic swimwear to finish out the season!


i. Regardless of the impending heat wave in LA, I’m prepping for fall. Drinking Tulsi chai tea morning, noon and even night (probably need to find myself a decaf supplement). Also prepping my lips with SuuKuu lip balm.

ii. Loving, loving, LOVING this book by Roxane Gay.

iii. I signed up for a Poetry extension class at a local college and it’s has been so healing already. I’m writing a poem a day and reading more poetry - loving Bluets. Find something that serves solace to you and do it!


i. My number one life hack for increasing productivity by spending less time getting ready in the morning all the while looking pulled together for those client meetings: exhibit A and B.

ii. Creating a very classic mid-century modern office requires one of these vintage beauties. 

iii. Out with thin and in with thick. I've replaced my thin rings for these two standout pieces (pebble I and II) stacked solo or together. 


i. I have been loving this teapot. A few silent rounds of pu’erh tea are the perfect antidote to groggy mornings. CCF tea is my other go to. It’s an Ayurvedic standby made with equal parts coriander, cumin, and fennel. This tridoshic mix of herbs aids in digestion without aggravating pitta (heat) in the body. 

ii. Currently slathering everything with Manuka honey. I switched out my face cleanser for honey a few weeks ago and my skin is looking brighter and more hydrated. 

iii. 100 water days. Ever since I read Blue Mind last year, I have been making a more concerted effort to go to the ocean more often for the incredible brain benefits. Last month, a friend and I decided to challenge ourselves to get in the water at least 100 times in the next year. I’m at 16 days so far! 


i. I've been trying to find more natural alternatives of morning energy instead of the go-to matcha, so I've replaced it with a cup of this adaptogenic herbal coffee replacement. No gluten, caffeine, sugar, or coffee! Perfect remedy to get you going without the disservice to your adrenals.

ii. Creating a more grounded space at home with red cedar incense has been the coziest way to wrap up a night.

iii. Whenever I'm needing some refreshment during the day, I swipe on one of these beauties on my neck or wrists. Instant rejuvenation! 


i. OSEA makes amazing non-toxic products in Malibu and the Hyaluronic Sea Serum is no exception. I continue to repurchase it because it's helped repair my moisture barrier from years of over exfoliating and using products that dried out my skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps your skin attract and retain moisture and helps give you that dewy glow. Apply it daily under your favorite moisturizer or face oil.

ii. This scrub-shampoo hybrid helps to exfoliate your scalp, remove dry skin and cleanse all at once. I've been trying to shampoo less to oil train my hair, so I use it once a week and follow with Non-Toxic Rahua Hydration Conditioner.

iii. This home spray "cleanses and clears on energetic and physical levels" – it's like smudging your home without the fire. I always have a backup on hand because I love this spray so much. All of the LightHaus Products are incredible if you are looking for witchy, non-toxic cleaning brand with amazing unusual scents. 


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