UNBLOCKED Healer • Angela Shore, Jiva Apoha

UNBLOCKED Healer Angela Shore Jiva Apoha

As we continue to have this UNBLOCKED manifestation community grow and advocate for some seriously deep work through your shadow, childhood, subconscious and worth, it's imperative for us to give you any tool I can think of that will ease the unblocking and delayering of programming standing in the way of you and your most authentic, whole, magnetic self. My whole mission is to  #leavenomanifesterbehind. 

For this installment of the UNBLOCKED Healer series, we’re introducing Angela Shore, founder of Jiva Apoha. Angela has been a soul sister, vision holder, and healer of mine for a solid five years now. I’m yet to meet another generous and warm person so deep in her integrity, spiritual practice, and living out of pure love in her heart. And many of you that have worked with her oils understand this. But let’s take the healing and knowledge soooooo much deeper as Angela, who has navigated all of the UNBLOCKED workshops - so she’s well equipped to share with you - how you can take oil practices with these medicinal elixirs MUCH deeper to support your UNBLOCKING!


Jiva-Apoha is Soul-Healing. 

It was pure LIGHT the day that I met Lacy Phillips in Los Angeles. I gravitated to her warm smile as she lifted the room where we both had meetings. My awareness was soon directed to her as she engaged with a genuine exchange. I knew right then that Lacy would be in my life, and that her work path would engulf many as she had a natural way in presenting, and capturing her audience.

As a student, and teacher to others, I can now affirm that being in the field of helping, and guiding that WE must continue to do good work, and grow each day collectively. If we follow the rhythm of a successful formula, it’s a damn good way to exercise rock n’ roll, and to reprogram self. So why not stay on the right track since it fucking works. Right?!

I create therefore I too must practice to re-wire daily. In Western astrology I’m LEO, in Vedic astrology I’m CANCER---I resonate with both; however, I need much air to flourish. I have Pitta and Vata doshas to balance, and I strive to stay grounded in all I do.

The vast opening through doorways to new things, and projects excite me; the challenge is about closing the ones that do not meet the needs or align in relations. Energy is not to be taken for granted, and time is not to be wasted. 

I’m a believer in the spirit world, dreams, and visions; in return much is implemented in the work of Jiva-Apoha. 

Jiva-Apoha oils have been created with love, and purpose, holding multiple healing properties for the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing accordingly to each body’s chemistry, and constitution. All ingredients are organic, and pure. No hocus pocus but just the real deal ---pure simplicity of oiling with positive intention.

Our subconscious mind is a powerful tool as the emotional, and spiritual force works together in great strides. Jiva-Apoha oils work in helping to clear blocks, and aid in creating new healthy patterns, and good habits. 

Jiva-Apoha is about instilling clarity; which the oiling process goes beyond as a self-loving body ritual that anyone can embrace. The up-rise of ancient teachings, and healings must be handled, protected, and delivered in authentic care. 

Jiva-Apoha aligns with the work of our lovely friend Lacy, and her Free & Native. Lacy’s UNBLOCKING teachings for new beliefs, neural pathways, magnetic self resonates with the power of our new ages for all. I continue to learn, and so on, it’s an on-going focus with UNBLOCKED MANIFESTATION. 

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Zeppelin Body: Divinity

Organic Sesame Oil. Pure Essential Oils of Ravensara, Muna Muna (Andean Mint), Silver Fur, Clary Sage & Rosemary. 

Zeppelin Body is our new Dreamtime/ In-Flight oil. It’s been a hit and a favorite pick for many, inspired by City of Angels! I believe that more people want to tap into the subconscious mind while resting in their nest. It’s loaded with minty air, and space. The lightness of a dream only receives its gravity when the dreamer awakens.  Zeppelin Body encourages a restful sleep while on your journey. Keep your journal on the nightstand, these teachings will be important while working with PORTAL.

Extra touch after oiling:

Inhale, exhale, rub extra behind neck through back of head, and don’t forget your shoulders. Make sure your pillow is molding the back of neck comfortably while lying on your back, then ZzzZZ off!

Aroma: (deep forest evergreen, herbaceous, spice-mint, resin-balsamic).  

Can be worn by both men and women. (2oz) 

(In the Light) by Led Zeppelin


Baby Jiva Body: Comforting

Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Pure Essential Roman Chamomile & Lavender Oils. 


Baby Jiva Body is for big babies too! It’s a wonderful blend to reconnect with memory, healing, and being at peace while walking path on Earth. It can be used for skin sensitivities, insomnia, anxiety, and much more. There’s no shame here with loving our inner child. I have personally used this oil for massage on my mother. We grew up together as she was a young single mother raising me in this wild world. We both had to learn what our roles were early on. Through the years in creating our mother & daughter boundaries with clear communication, it has brought us even closer today. 

Extra touch after oiling:

Use a dime size amount, rub palms together, breathe in, and rub clockwise around heart for that connection. Pacifying to the very core. 

Aroma: (tea-like, sweet, fruity freshness, floral).

Can be worn by babies, boys, men, girls, and women (2oz, 8oz)

(Cherry Oh Baby) The Rolling Stones


Atman Spirit Body: Grounding

Organic Sesame & Sunflower Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Palo Santo (Holy Wood) & Neroli. 

There are no mistakes. Atman (Spirit) Body was the first blend that I created after spending time, and studying in India. I was blown away by the sensory overload; it was then that I could feel every cell in my body as I was oiled everyday with Ayurvedic body treatments. I literally stayed oily for 2 months until I arrived back in the States not to mention a built-in spice scent too. I learned much about myself during, and what I wanted to attract but I also learned how to trust myself in a big country.  I call Atman (Spirit) our body armor oil. It’s Jiva-Apoha’s game changer. It restores equilibrium while healing the skin. Atman Body oil is to trust SPIRIT. As much as I love to escape, there is no more running from the past, the shadow has to be worked with, no matter where we go on path. 

Extra touch after oiling:

Make this your morning glory! A self-love-go-to! A great blend to share between partner(s). Rub extra under arms, around breast, chest, and (feet at night).

Aroma: (anise-like, citrus, spicy, woodsy, refreshing, light). 

Can be worn by both men and women. (2oz, 8oz, Roll-On)

(Space Oddity) David Bowie


Mukti (Freedom) Body: Relieving

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.09.32 PM.png

Oragnic Sesame & Sunflower Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Mysore Sandalwood & Champa.

Who doesn’t need more FREEDOM?  We are here on this planet to lead life in abundance. It’s okay to claim wealth, happiness, peace, true expression, LOVE, and to radiate good will to ALL. Mukti (Freedom) Body oil is a natural currency to your FREE LOVE. It’s intoxicating to skin, and by scent. The Mukti Body oil is a perfect blend to attract a partner, and those soul cravings. This blend has rocked wonders for our clients. It’s purity and integrity will help your body with alertness at the same time. I personally have been wearing Mukti (Freedom) Body lately to help cool my fire but to also help create more freedom in personal & business goals, not to mention, a little play time too!

Extra touch after oiling: 

Don’t be shy to levitate, and explore this blend in bed with your partner(s). Massage each other; the sense of touch will keep you going! And you may need an 8oz bottle!

Aroma: (sweet, fruity silky, smooth, rich, honey back-note)

Can be worn by both men and women. (2oz, 8oz)

(I Feel Free) Cream



Organic Sesame & Sunflower Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Water Lily, Lotus, Ylang Ylang & Black Musk.

Kama (Love) Body oil is for the sensual woman who seeks real commitment, ready to attract happiness in her own skin with partnership or new ones. I created Kama (Love) Body for my friends who wanted more JOY and luck to find true love! Call it kismet or pure attraction; Jiva’s Kama Body has brought a few marriages together since the making. We like to say this blend has the ability to transform skincare into skin love. No one likes to be abandoned, so focus on an auto-tune for your attitude, and keep your heart open. Warning this blend is extra pretty! It’s the most floral blend in our skincare line. The tranquility of Kama Body is a waiting bath in candlelight, and warm hot romance for days.   

Extra touch after oiling: 

Rub extra around your neck, between your breast, and upper inner thighs. No need to tell you more. 

Aroma: (sweetness, soft, elegant, pure, fresh, light, exotic, floral) 

Worn by women. (2oz, 8oz)

(Hot Blooded) Foreigner 


Thunderbird Body: Transforming

Organic Sunflower Oil. Pure Essential Oils of Juniper, White Sage & Red Cedarwood.


I took a year road tripping into sacred lands through desert to Canada before this blend came to me, I needed to connect, and listen to nature. This blend holds everyone’s quiet power. Everything Native in my surroundings, passions, and beliefs led me to the legacy of Thunderbird Body. The Native American culture holds the heart of what I believe in, and how I live my life today. Thunderbird Body oil is rooted love, known for it’s clean, and pure beauty. I make my mornings into a ritual with a good smudge but sometimes we need that continuation in an essential form throughout day. I’m sensitive to energy let alone to cities. If you need more stillness in action, Thunderbird is vibrational. The power of NO is your protection.

Extra touch after oiling: 

Close your eyes with a special prayer while applying the oil from neck down, and release suppressed intuition. Trust the walking smudge. Thunderbird Body is an equal partner---game changer to help guide. 

Aroma: (clean, pungent, sharp, earthy-fruity notes)

Can be worn by both men and women. (2oz, 8oz, Roll-On) 

(Indian Summer) The Doors