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Welcome back, F&N Manifestors. It has been an absolutely incredible month from the release of last months Kismet Creations column. At the end of July, I started UNBLOCKED Shadow (yes, during the eclipses and mercury retrograde, oh yes!) and my entire world was flipped upside down in the best way possible, as it does whenever I start up a new F&M Tool. The Universe pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone requiring me to fully show up for myself in order to live in even more authentic alignment for myself. This is what we call a rock bottom

I had to move out of a comfortable apartment, take on all my own living expenses, bring on more clients, furnish a new apartment and say goodbye to relationships that were no longer serving me. What came from that rock bottom is still playing out -- but through the work of reprogramming limiting beliefs, owning our shadow, passing tests and finding expanders allows us to come out from those rock bottoms shinier than before. Which brings us to this months topic of finding your career expanders. Hint: we created an entire column and podcast for finding expanders so if you’re looking for some deeper insight and inspiration, I’d recommend checking them out as well! 

If you’re new to the column, welcome, so glad you’re here as you are, like us, on the quest for aligning our life’s purpose with our career. Previously, we’ve discussed how to create your dream manifestation list and then how to discover your worth as it relates to calling in that dream job. And today, we’re going to learning about how to find and network with expanders. As Lacy explains, Expanders can be anyone who expands your belief system and proves to the subconscious that what you desire is possible. They are the most valuable energy to have around you. Today, we will help you create your expander list. 

The Thing About Expanders

Okay, so here’s the thing, expanders come from all walks of life. They are everywhere. You just have to be present and aware to see that everyone is our teacher and let this be the very first step in calling in expanders because it takes off the pressure of finding “the perfect expander,” which is where a lot of people get caught up. Remember, manifestation requires work and this, my friends, is another example of that work -- we’re working on reprogramming limiting beliefs, old patterns that no longer serve us, owning our shadow and taking actionable steps to create space for those things that we’re calling in to actually arrive. It’s work, baby. So, starting with being present is key. 


How to Create Your Expander List

From the very beginning stages of formulating my dream career of being a creative director, I researched my favorite editors, freelance writers, fashion stylists, creative directors, photographers and so on to gather bits and pieces that I could take that resonated with me. More info on my expander list can be found here.

Today, let’s start small with those that you’re surrounded by and write out the names of those people who you are inspired by that you’re friends with, that you may know through social media or are friends of friends. After you have the list of those names, list out all those attributes that you admire within those people. They can be people who may or may not necessarily have the job/career path that you want but if there is something that lights you up about them write them down, we’ll get to career specifics in a bit. What we’re doing here is bringing to our awareness aspects of these people that are currently acting as expanders within our lives.

Now, extend that list of expanders to people outside of your social group - maybe they are professionals, business owners or entrepreneurs in the field that you wish to pursue. What about them are you drawn to about the way in which they conduct themselves and their business? We’re basically asking your subconscious to show you those aspects in others that are within yourself. Manifestation is truly a beautiful thing that helps us become more authentic and more ourselves and as a result since we live in a physical world, manifestations show up as so. 

Taking it an even step deeper, let’s discover those micro-expanders who may have some aspects of that dream job you admire but maybe not everything to completely expand your subconscious. Continue to add to that list of expanders who embody any aspect that you find admirable in the way they live their life, how they run a business and or the salary that they are making. What you will find is that even if the expander doesn’t embody everything, combined they are expanders. We’re continuing to show our subconscious that every single aspect of what we want is possible - so the more expanders the more your subconscious will believe that what you want is possible and accessible.

Take Action: Surround Yourself with Expanders


Lacy recommends having at least 8 expanders around you at all times to reinforce the subconscious that what you desire is possible. And so, now is the time to make that happen. Reach out to them for a coffee, conduct an informational interview, offer to intern for them, ask them to be your mentor or simply just send them a note expressing how they inspire you. 

Now, at this stage when we’ve identified the expanders and noticed those admire traits about them, we might feel a sense of lack or not good enough. Again, this is where work needs to be done. As much as we admire them, there’s a chance they might reject us or not want to connect or follow you back on social media. Keep in mind that the most magnetic clients of Lacy’s are those who are completely detached from the outcome of anything that they ask for from people as they know they are worthy and that anything lower than their self-worth is simply a reflection of where the other person is at on their journey. 

So, here is the second aspect of the work as it relates to calling in expanders. If you are triggered by someone during this process, use that as an opportunity to do more work on those shadowy aspects such as undeserving, feeling small or not being good enough. As mentioned earlier, shadow work is heavy but it is incredibly powerful as it integrates aspects of yourself that were rejected. Because what we don’t own, owns us. Shadow work changes your life for the better and elevates you into a higher consciousness than before. 

If you need additional support during this time, I recommend joining Supported where Lacy can answer your specific questions as they relate to expanders and the Daily Reprogramming Exercise to take any triggers through for deeper integration. My favorite lifestyle support modalities include morning journaling, Vedic meditation, breath work, yoga, walking outside and joining a F&N Village for accountability partners. 

Once you’ve completed your expander list, please help expand others by sharing your list of characteristics and people that you’ve found to help you. This will continue to spread awareness and expansion. Next month, we’ll be taking those expanders and truly integrating them into your life. So grateful for showing up for yourself and your dream career. Together we rise. 


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