#NATIVEweek No. 84 • Navigating The Cosmic Shifts of The Fall


Whoa, that full moon in Aries was a mighty one filled with taking responsibility and pushing through fears. Did you feel it? Our team shares some major and minor ways we all made it through, how we soaked up every last bit of this energy and how we’re taking it with us through this new season.


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My OG Pisces/Aries cusp expander always and forever! Children are the true change-makers on the planet. And he saw that and actually did something about it to make every single child feel unique, special, and that their thoughts and feelings mattered equally.

This magnetic episode

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Digging Devendra Banhart's reading list

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When this tiny human outlines vibrational alignment and energetic boundaries. 

Have my autumn eyes set on this piece and this piece.


I felt a rupture of energy this full moon. All the tension and anxiety I have been feeling peaked and dissipated all in one day. I’m working on harnessing this calm for the new season - learning even more so to trust the process, to not rush the present moment and to take one big deep breath whenever needed to remind myself I am here.

What’s helping me through this is taking more time for me, to be in nature - hiking, laying in the sand, taking a few breaths outside my apartment building - and spending more time with those I love. Living in stillness to ground my impatience.

Also, receiving all the needed guidance from Dani Beinstein.

And using this stillness to look even more inwards, ask myself what I need (right now my neck is currently screaming for acupuncture from all the tension I was holding) and doing some MAJOR Shadow work to release the few clutching fears that still linger.

AND signing up for an acting class…for real this time…to face my fears & shadow of being seen. I’ve learned through this journey of wanting to sign up, putting it off, feeling guilty about putting it off, etc that you’ll know when you’re ready to do things that make you nervous or scared. Don’t push yourself too soon, be patient, but don’t hide forever. You’ll know when you’re ready.


With only 12 days left of my Saturn Return, I'm constantly surrendering to whatever the Universe is asking for and from me right now. This full moon in Aries was just another moment to surrender. Recently, I've been paying attention to the synchronicities that exist when I let go of expectations, pressure or control. I've been listening to pings as my guiding light. The pings have brought me to meet people that I would have never met before, experiences of love that I would have never experienced before and so the lesson learned on this full moon was again, trusting in the process of letting go. 

Rituals // Reading Letting Go by David Hawkings • Smelling California Sage • Journaling my deepest desires at the moment which consist of letting go even more so • Listening to the 'Manifest' Guided Meditation in the Somadome at Pause Float Studio • Connecting with Friends • Bath with Everyday Oil • Ocean and honoring nature at El Matador Beach (not in any particular order)

Here's to letting go and loving more.


In the last couple of weeks, I had the bittersweet reminder of how quickly a life on Earth ends. I say bittersweet because, even in the saddest moments, death brings new life. It grants us permission to live out our biggest passions and deepest desires. It forces us to look for beauty in the darkness. When you're faced with the reminder of death, you look for every reason to live. This moon, I'm letting go of needing to plan and control the future, and instead, I'm just going to focus on my steps forward with love, confidence, excitement, and happiness! 

To set my intentions for this Aries moon, I started by reading up on my Co–Star app. It always helps me process how I'm feeling in different situations and how to navigate them in the best way. Especially when you have a lot going on.

Then I added oils to my diffuser and sat on my yoga mat with my journal. Last night I was in a calm, lavender mood – this one is my favorite. I like to keep it super simple by breathing, journaling, and then doing something fun to tap into the energy that I want to carry throughout the month! In all honesty, last night, that was watching my favorite football team. 


In Ireland - I took a seaweed bath under the full moon to cleanse and reset. Salt water is perfect for clearing and the seaweed is packed with trace minerals and idodine. Make sure to dunk your head under, I heard that from Mama Medicine!

If you are in Ireland check it out @wildatlanticseaweedbaths


I’m starting out the fall season with a liver detox, prescribed to me the incredible Martha Soffer from Surya Spa.  I cannot recommend a consultation with Martha highly enough. She is a powerful healer and has helped both myself and my family so much with a variety of health issues. The liver cleanse she recommends is a regimen best done between the full and new moon that involves a low fat cooked vegan diet, supplementing with malic acid or apple juice, enemas, and a liver flush with olive oil and grapefruit juice. 

This book by Krista Tippet is just lovely. It’s one of those life-affirming works of simple beauty and poetically worded reminders of things you already know to be true.

Probably not news to anyone, but NPR Tiny Desk Concerts are amazing. 

In the spirit of last night’s Harvest Moon, now is the perfect time to forage for your own smudging plants. Some of my favorites to wild harvest include Mugwort, Rosemary, Sagebrush, Yerba Santa, Lavender and Cedar. I try to bring a pair of super-durable mini scissors  along with me while hiking to harvest small amounts of plants I find along the way. Make sure you forage responsibly and take no more than 5% of the plant. Do a little research to figure out what sacred plants are native to your area. I like to smudge with my foraged plants each day before doing my DRE.

Living in these overalls.


This Equinox was especially impactful for me, as I began feeling my body shift into the transition of seasons a couple days earlier. The gravitational force of this full moon allowed me to create space by doing a juice cleanse to purge physically, as we intuitively know to eat less during this time for deeper regeneration of the cells.

To emotionally and mentally cleanse, I unplugged from all technology and journaled about what I accomplished (specifically what blocks I broke through) over Summer, and what I'm ready to manifest for Fall and Winter. Taking time away from screens was crucial on the night of this moon, as I really got to ask myself how I want to see my life moving forward by putting my thoughts to paper.

I finished the night with some healing 432 hz meditation music and this body oil!