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Reflecting in the Magic Dark

I've been wondering when this omnipresent "Magic Dark" would happen for me, what it would feel like and what big things would come for me at the end. Time, life, school....everything segmented into periods and parts always feels so definite. You know when it begins, you know when it ends. But, what I'm learning more and more through Lacy is that energy...and honestly everything else...cannot be constrained by time and space.


This Magic Dark isn't an event I can count the days until or the hours it will pass. There's something intensely magical and special about this. It's a feeling. And now that I believe it has finally come upon me, or rather I've finally "arrived," I'm beginning to fully understand. I can't trace back to when it began and I have no idea when it will end. So, instead of clutching onto my innate urge to control and my ever-present impatience, I'm fully learning what it means to let go and trust. 

I'm sure you've heard Lacy speak about the magic dark many times, as have I. But I'm sharing my personal experience because it feels unlike I had expected. And I'm hoping after reading this, you might have a new perspective or share your own feelings. It's magic and it is shifting my perception of...everything. Sounds crazy but 'tis the truth.

I guess I should first be clear that I'm manifesting a partner. Not a serious partner, but more of an experience, and in part an expander for me. I'll divulge more information as I get closer. I began to notice the Magic Dark creeping in as soon as some other money sources for me began to dry up and 4 of my past lovers reached out to me over the span of 2 days. I said no to all of them and then....crickets. No new money sources, no love interests or potential interests in sight. My old demon of loneliness seeped into my being and I had a seriously hard two weeks. Harder then I've had in a while. I also lost my necklace I had proudly manifested. I had computer problems and had to invest a lot in a new computer. The list goes on, but you get it. It was hard. And, it was hard to resist the urge to crawl back to those old comforts - to hit up an old boyfriend when I was feeling lonely, or to call up old babysitting families for extra work. Yet, I had Lacy's words in the back of my mind and instead I took a deep breath and decided to let go and allow whatever was going to be sent to make its way.

I began to take inventory of the progress I have made within, the items I have manifested and the many ways in which I've grown since I began Lacy's work.

I'm a Capricorn sun - and I love to analyze, take inventory, make that is what I did. And wow was it eye-opening. I used this time to be constructive in my efforts to become more and more my truest authentic self. I dove deeper, I took a close look at my instincts and patterning. And, truly letting go and trusting in this energy I'm experiencing and feeling throughout my whole body makes me feel as though I'm practically floating above, seeing things I never saw before. I've had a few major things I've been manifesting come through, like a community and more close friends. My main manifestation of a partner hasn't reached me yet, but I can feel that it's coming. I can see the patterning and I trust this weightlessness. 

My advice to you is to lean in, let go and watch.


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