EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 26 • Manifestation with Lacy Phillips

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips

“The fact that you’re even doing work to change and stop the cycles that you grew up with, you’re automatically infinitely helping their lives and that’s how we start to evolve into true consciousness on the planet.”

Every so often we do a special podcast episode where Lacy answers all your manifestation questions to give you a sneak peek into SUPPORTED, our bi-monthly online manifestation class found inside the Pathway Subscription. In this episode, Lacy and Lila discuss a wide range of topics including cultivating subconscious deservingness, losing friendships as you become more conscious, and the energetics of financial dependence.


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Like any other conscious pursuit, manifestation is a daily practice. It needs to be studied, worked on, and applied every day until it develops into a way of being. Deepen your practice each and every day with these teachings, examples, and expansions:

MON | Learn how to support your loved ones as they UPLEVEL.

TUES | Manifesting a partner by showing up for yourself first. #mymagneticstory

WED | Lacy shares common ways that traveling triggers shadow and how to work through them.

THURS | The last episode of Supported teaches you to navigate that uncomfortable in-between time.

FRI | Learn all about being an entrepreneur of a dream business in last week’s podcast ep!