EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 29 •Jeannette Ogden

manifestation miracle

“It’s all in your mind, your mind is power. you can do all things if you don’t keep saying ‘no I can’t.’ if I get myself out of that and start thinking better and putting good energy out, I will come out of that and I’ll succeed because I’m so worth it.”

Jeannette Ogden, entrepreneur and force behind the blog and Instagram account Shut The Kale Up, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Jeannette shares her story with unflinching honesty and grace, covering a wide range of topics including how she made the leap to become an influencer full-time, growing up with an alcoholic mom, climbing out of debt, overcoming body-image issues, her journey to motherhood, and falling in love. She’s such an incredible example of the power of owning your shadow and an expander to anyone on the quest to live a meaningful, healthy, and family-focused life.


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