EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 30 • The Process

to be magnetic expanded podcast the process

“Things come sometimes just as expanders or tests and we know if we really tap into our intuition, and a really good tool for that is ‘Does it put you in your worth or out of your worth?’”

In this special episode of the EXPANDED Podcast, Lacy, Lila, and Kate share their manifestation experiences using the TBM method. This episode walks you through the nitty gritty of manifestation step-by-step. Lila shares how she manifested her newest move and Kate shares a few of her most kismet manifestations that have come through. Regardless of where you find yourself in your manifestation process, this episode will be expansive for you


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Like any other conscious pursuit, manifestation is a daily practice. It needs to be studied, worked on, and applied every day until it develops into a way of being. Deepen your practice each and every day with these teachings, examples, and expansions:

MON | Learn how to use the moon to amp up your manifestations.

TUES | Harness the cosmic energies of the supermoon.

WED | Treat yourself to a luxurious full moon bath ritual from our friends at Moon Bath.

THURS | Join the Authentic Code Challenge and start to live as your truest self.

FRI | Tune into last week’s podcast with Jeannette Ogden, the force behind @shutthekaleup.