EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 32 • Ruby Warrington


“Do not put the pressure on your passions to earn your living. You wouldn't give birth to a newborn baby and expect it to start paying rent right off the bat. You would educate it, clothe it, and wait for it to be able to speak.”

I know today’s guest is a huge expander for so many of us: Ruby Warrington, the founder of The Numinous and Club SODA NYC. Ruby is also the author of a new book called Sober Curious. It's an examination of our relationship with alcohol and what life is like in sobriety, not necessarily through the model of AA but through the model of holistic spirituality. I think you'll find this episode extremely expansive if you're the person who had your dream job, according to society, but decided it wasn't as fulfilling as you thought it would be, or if you’ve ever found yourself “sober curious.”


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