EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 34 • The Process 2

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“Self-worth should be constant, continuous, and unwavering, regardless of the circumstances you're iN.”

The forest house is almost complete and we had most of the TBM™ team up to celebrate and retreat. While together, we decided to host a “The Process” episode discussing the theme of the month: self-worth. With a team of freelancers, we all share how we source, build and support self-worth within career. We're so excited to see how helpful these Process episodes have been for our listeners, and we’ll continue releasing these episodes to help expand you and guide you in your own manifestation practice!


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Like any other conscious pursuit, manifestation is a daily practice. It needs to be studied, worked on, and applied every day until it develops into a way of being. Deepen your practice each and every day with these teachings, examples, and expansions:

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