5 Ways to Work Through Shadow Triggered by Traveling

5 Ways to Work Through Shadow Triggered by Traveling

Lacy is traveling for the next few weeks. She dropped us a line when she landed in Paris to share some of her biggest shadow aspects that are triggered while she travels and how she works through them to create magnetism. (And follow along on IG stories!)

1. On my flight, I notice that I’m hyper aware and insecure about what the person next to me may be thinking of my every move. Putting their comfort and judgement before mine. I picked up this ego dance years ago believing that I’m not worthy enough to be sitting next to them in business class. As if I’m an imposter. This is a perfect trigger and shadow to quickly take through the Authentic Roadmap (available exclusively inside The Pathway membership) - as well as addressing anywhere else I’m currently ego dancing through life rather than living in my whole, worthy unapologetic authentic self.

2. I finally was able to pack for 10 days IN THE WINTER using only a carry on. In the past I would have packed 3 outfit changes a day. When I did the work around this (using the Daily Reprogramming Exercise) I realized I was in my shadow and subconsciously thought that I would be boring if I didn’t have options. 

3. My entire intention on this trip is to be fully present as much as possible. That means clearing my thoughts, letting triggers go, allowing frustrations to brush away, and not having any expectations. I’ve found rather than spiritually bypassing this, which usually results in those same triggers coming up over and over again, that when I DRE around them in the evening, I can do away with them for much longer. Sometimes even for good. The FREE Roadmap also allows me to understand that I’m limitless and that none of these things really matter anyway. They are simply and extension of my shadow which is integrating by the day! 

4. I used to be so broke that the thought of even ever being able to fly business class to Europe to look for a retreat house didn’t even seem possible. I’m still so humbled and grateful that such a thing is a reality today as it was on my How to Manifest list 7 years ago. The work I did that allowed me to get here was first using Reparent to unblock my childhood programming of lack around money, then using Opulence to further free myself and allow the universe to become my bank.

5. I used to wander endlessly in a new city, too afraid of asking for directions. It wasn’t the fear of having to speak to someone, but rather total shadow I had picked up from wanting to reject any aspect of my small town upbringing. When I worked through Unblocked Shadow, I realized that I was so afraid that the locals in this new city would think I was incompetent or didn’t know how to navigate a foreign city. After unblocking this shadow, I now have no shame! And, wow am I bad at directions, so I find myself asking or pointing to maps constantly during my travels now. I also find myself referring often to the downloadable Roadmaps of Magnetism inside The Pathway (with or without wifi!) whenever I’m starting to feel insecure, or far away from myself, shadow creeping in…etc when I’m in a foreign city. Just some readily available guidance to keep me on my path and feeling fully authentic!

Bon Voyage!

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