AFLOAT • Navigating a Surprise Rockbottom

Navigating a Surprise Rockbottom

For those of you not familiar with my AFLOAT series, this is for those who are right in the thick of your turbulent twenties, preparing for or perhaps reflecting as you’ve passed through. I thought it was just me, but then my friends, my brother, my peers and their partners all began to open up about their own struggles during this tumultuous decade.

Let this be a conversation between all of us as we figure out who we are, what we want and the new experiences along the way as we decondition the age-old rhetoric that these years will be “The Best Years of Your Life.”

At times I’ve found we can feel as though we are gracefully gliding through life, dancing under a cloudless sky, manifestations coming through with way too much ease….and then it all halts. All of a sudden your computer crashes, your wallet goes missing, your partner breaks up with you, you lose your job. All of a sudden you’re hit with a major blow, left disoriented, confused and, well, a little bit hurt. 

This happened to me recently and I couldn’t help but ask the Universe, “What did I do?!” This question from old superstition crept up on me rooted in old programming that since something “bad” happened to me, I therefore must have done something “bad” to deserve it. 

Boy, was I wrong!

What I’ve learned is it is not a question of “What did I do!?”, but rather a question of “What are you gifting me?!” Shifting our mindset to view this disruption of our flow as a blessing in disguise is the quickest way for us to UPLEVEL through whatever Rut or Rockbottom we’ve been thrusted into and gain back our momentum. 

I was rocked and discouraged by my mini rockbottom. My hard drive broke most randomly and seemingly out of nowhere. I lost files that were near and dear, and some that were important. All disappeared into the abyss. Old looping programming could have easily shifted me into a Rut - a cycle of negative thoughts, further aftershocks and a delay from lifting myself back up to flow. Yet my determination to get right back to where I was before - that fun, graceful gliding - propelled me to head straight into the work.


i. I headed first to Rockbottom within UPLEVEL. I didn’t see my road bump as a major rockbottom, but its abruptness right as I was feeling I was reaching the top of the mountain was the deciding factor to head there first. Rockbottoms can be completely relative to your situation. Don’t get stuck comparing your situation with someone else’s. This is your reality you’re living.

ii. I also majorly utilized the the Daily Reprogramming Exercise with all the triggers this event brought up.

iii. Unblocked Shadow was also very very helpful throughout this entire process. The event brought up lots of shadow - the shame of seeming incompetent, the fear of losing things, the shame of letting others down, not having control….etc etc. I popped around the workshop to pinpoint the days that were most effective as I worked my way through Rockbottom. Following the Integrated Roadmap, found only in the Pathway Subscription, can provide even more guidance for those of you looking for a little extra help navigating!

I also happened to be in Turks and Caicos with my family when my hard drive hit the dust. Although at the time I was cursing that this could ruin our first ever family vacation, I found the timing to be such a gift in itself as it forced me to look past the anxiety I was feeling and put it all into perspective. In the past I would have allowed my days to be swallowed up into my anger and frustration.

Yet, here I was looking out into the bluest, clearest ocean I had ever seen surrounded by my family. Anytime the anxiety crept up, I could take a deep breath and remind myself to appreciate the moments, take in the memories and not allow this event to overcome me. It took a lot of conscious practice and nightly DREs. I let myself feel the anxiety fully and then breathe it out. It was a mental game of wrangling and letting go all at once, but by the time I landed back home, the issues had practically all been resolved and I was so grateful for the work and to myself for finally learning that sometimes shit just happens and all we can do is unwrap the gift, take in the lesson, do the work and move on. 


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