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Discovering and abiding by our magnetic authentic code, a system comprised of the four pillars that drive us uniquely and individually gives us guidance as to what should be in our lives and what shouldn't. What we are wasting precious time on, what's not serving us, and most importantly what is taking up space from allowing manifestations to come through!

Many of us have completed The Rut, Rock Bottom, and Next Level inside the latest workshop UPLEVEL. We've discovered the four elements that comprise our authentic code, and we are slowly implementing what to delegate and detox in order to streamline our magnetism. So we thought this would be something FAR more productive and efficient to do in a group together. Taking our authentic code (pun intended) to the Next Level!

We’ve designed an authentic code challenge to take place throughout the 4 weeks of February to support you and inspire us all to live by our unique codes. To find yours, simply pop into UPLEVEL within the Pathway Subscription (or a la cart), take this quiz to see which of the three workshops describe where you are today, and within that workshop, determine your authentic code, as each workshop within UPLEVEL has a prompt with questions to allow you to deduce your own, unique, Authentic Code.

For the maximum support throughout the challenge, we suggest accessing the Facebook Group to interact with other community members participating in the challenge.

See the outline below of how we are going to approach this challenge weekly:

authentic code 4 Week challenge

WEEK 1 • Define the four elements of your Authentic Code using the prompts within UPLEVEL. Take the time to evaluate your final four. List the shadows that come up for you around owning them entirely. For example, one of my core elements in my Authentic Code is “Luxury.” I had to look at why I felt some shame around this core element of mine, brought on by social programming. Integrating shadow around this element has allowed me to own it completely! Luxury for me means security.


Step 1. List out the shadow words that come to mind when you envision yourself living by each Authentic Code element (ie. lazy, selfish, shallow). Take the word that stings the most through UNBLOCKED Shadow within the Pathway to further integrate it if you feel you need more guidance.

Step 2. Own the shadow word in public. This can feel like the hardest step, but it is the most powerful in integrating your shadow. Come clean about your core elements to someone in your life whose opinion you value the most. You’ll be most pleasantly surprised to see how free you feel when you are able to shake the energetic weight of your own fear and shadow.

Expand your communityShare your Authentic Code and the shadow elements you’re working through around your four core elements in the Facebook Group.

WEEK 2 • Delegate & detox anything in your life that doesn't support or align with your code. This can seem scary at first, but there are innumerable options for those of you in any situation to better align your daily activities with your Authentic Code.


1. Element: Travel • Say one of your core elements is travel, but you don’t have the resources to take the trips you’re dreaming of. You may be sacrificing your core element of travel to stay home and make enough money to live, or you’re afraid to leave your job that barely gives you any vacation time. There are a few ways to approach this.

i. Look for portals for passive income! UNBLOCKED Money can assist you in learning more about energetic portals. Can you rent out a second bedroom? Do you have a product or service you can turn into an online passive portal of income?

ii. Expand and reprogram what is keeping you from leaving a job that doesn’t share your core element. You can manifest a job that allows you to travel - or perhaps pays you to travel! UNBLOCKED Money and the How to Manifest Workshop can guide you through this step.

2. Element: Cooking • Say another one of your elements is cooking, but you don’t feel like you have the time to spend working on recipes in the kitchen for hours when your family demands your attention or your job keeps you late.

i. Discuss the opportunity with neighbors or friends to take turns watching each others’ kids. Open up one afternoon while your kids are at a friend’s, and alternate with another afternoon where you watch your friend’s kids. Free daycare and it gives you the time you desire to focus on your core element!

ii. Look for cooking classes on weekends to keep you accountable and excited when your weekdays feel as though the drag on with only enough time to microwave something from deep within your freezer.

Expand your community • Share what you are delegating & detoxifying from your life, and how you’re making it work with your current circumstance in the Facebook group. 

WEEK 3 • Take inventory of how you might be procrastinating the actual process of delegating & detoxifying from the week before. Notice what might come up when you evaluate why you think you are unworthy of allotting more energy to your core elements. Take what you find through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE).

WEEK 4 • Now that you have been focusing on prioritizing your four core elements throughout the past 3 weeks, use this week to work through the How to Manifest Workshop and test your magnetism! Make a list of what you are manifesting that align with your core elements. Anything feelings of unworthiness that still pop up whilst building the list, take back through the DRE and further evaluate in UNBLOCKED Shadow.

Expand your community • Share your list and how it has changed since beginning this challenge!

Challenge launches on february 1st



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