EXPANDED Ep. 23 Weekend Roundup

what is manifestation

Jenna Zoe, Lacy’s Human Design reader, returns to the EXPANDED Podcast for this special episode. Jenna answers questions about how to use Human Design to optimize your manifestation practice, how living in your design can help you heal and discover your purpose, and how de-conditioning your beliefs can transform the way you live your life. This episode will be expansive for anyone looking to understand themselves more deeply. If you are interested in this episode, you’ll want to watch our interview with the Psychological Astrologer, Danielle Beinstein, in SUPPORTED now available only in THE PATHWAY subscription

In this week’s round up, the team shares their 2019 essentials and the rituals they’re embracing in the new year.


I'll be real! I threw intuitive eating right out of the window for the holidays. The stress of being up north and having to stay in an Airbnb because the Retreat house didn't have a bathroom or kitchen installed created all sorts of stress for me. Then the normal family dynamics. Let's just say that I was DREing on the Biomat A LOT. I also got the travel Biomat to take to Ireland with me. It's potentially been one of the most instrumental tools in my healing process. Now that I'm back home, I've pulled out all of the big guns. Intuitive eating daily which means asking my body after my DRE (when I'm still in a subconscious state) what it's craving for the day. I pick it up and steam it in this. I sauna once a day (there will be a sauna and a Biomat at the Retreat House). I naked sun bathe once a day for 20 mins. And just like that, I'm totally back in harmony. 

I'm currently reading this as he will be a guest on the podcast next week! Can't wait to find out my soul level! 

I'm totally exhausted so I gifted this retreat to myself to allow my soul to catch up with it's rhythm to kick off 2019. 

This bracelet is on my manifestation list.

And this dress to go over my swimsuit this summer! 

Headed to watch Mary Queen Of Scots and literally can not wait! 

I had an outstanding Akashic Records reading with Ashley Wood!

Also, side note, because everyone always asks how I work through the workshops. My 2019 intention is to become more present. I'm always living in the future and not relishing in the moment. I realize that I don't even appreciate everything I have in the moment. Doing a lot of DREing around this right now. And about to revisit Shadow as a few of Max's quirks annoyed me over the holiday because I realized that they are quirks I embody and have rejected. For anyone that is wanting to join me, head to The Pathway


I’m back from LA after a busy holiday jumping from family vacation, to holiday celebrations at home in the cold, to spending some quality time with family friends in Florida, all whilst working and planning out my next few months of being a wanderer. With 2019 ripe for the picking in its early days, I’m excited and inspired to take all the potential for a powerful year of growth, even more self-discovery and adventure.

Finding balance and stability amongst house-jumping by settling into new “spots” to feel like a local. This includes my new morning coffee shop for writing and working, returning to my old pilates studio in Santa Monica, finding a lunch spot to read my most recent book on the list and running path to visit daily in preparation for my half marathon fast approaching.

Packing my life up as if I’m traveling with only my essentials in this favorite suitcase of mine for easy access. Also keeping this close at hand to feel refreshed, this deodorant to feel clean, and of course some tea to cozy up regardless where I am.

Ordering this new computer case to be a more mobile worker and carrying everything in this bag .

Since I’m needing to be super selective in what clothing I carry with me, I’ve been wearing this sweater, this warm coat, these pants, and this shirt nearly every day.

I’m very excited for what’s to come this year. New rituals, goals, and lists are part of the excitement, but I’m always reminding myself that if any are broken, lost or forgotten then I was meant to outgrow them and adopt new ones. There’s no use forcing any habit onto ourselves to feel “committed” or “accomplished.” Our lives are ever-adjusting and allow change to occur naturally will only help us grow.


One of my major intentions for 2019 is to integrate my physical expression with my internal vision for myself. For me this means healing and getting into my most authentic body, starting to bring some projects I’ve been dreaming about into reality, allowing my style to evolve and become an expression of self, and getting super streamlined about my rituals. I’m really trying to call in a balance of structure and freedom in all areas of my life. To put this into action, I’m re-doing all of the workshops through the lens of health. I’m so excited to share with you guys how this goes, I really think this may be the missing link for my health puzzle. Make sure you join The Pathway if you want to be able to work through the workshops all year long too!

I’m also really excited to get back into reading before bed instead of looking at my phone. I finished this To Shake the Sleeping Self in less than 24 hours because I was so enthralled and I’m excited to start Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s one of my mom’s favorites and I always love her recommendations. 

While I was home over Christmas my parents brought me to this amazing natural spring that has some of the best water I have ever tasted. Now that I’m back in LA, I’m in search of a natural spring close by that I can get water from. In the meantime I’m drinking Mountain Valley Spring water. I just found this site where you can locate all the natural springs near you!

Things that blew my mind recently: This podcast about using the mind to change the body. This old classic Neil DeGrasse Tyson video that makes me feel so insignificant in the best way. This Maggie Rogers short film.

I think I found my scent for 2019. Also loving this face wash.


What an exciting start to the new year with the rebrand. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday! I started a new ritual last year where on New Years Eve I write myself a letter acknowledging myself for the past year and then intuitively acknowledge myself for the upcoming year. You stick it in a place you won’t see it and open it up at each New Years Eve before writing your new one and it was WILD to see how many things came to fruition. Plus it’s a really beautiful opportunity to say some extra loving and kind words to yourself!

I’ve made it a point to take my skincare to the next level this upcoming year and started a couple weeks early. My new favorite thing on the planet is to oil myself up with this after dry brushing and showering. It smells like palo santo and makes my skin feel like a dreeeeam.

Another new ritual now that I’m working from home is to set the mood to make it extra cozy. One of the ways that makes me feel super luxurious and grounded is burning these incense. The Joshua Tree or Ojai scents are my favorite! Then I put a mellow Spotify playlist on my speakers and pour a tonic or coffee and it feels like I’m at a coffee shop without having to leave my pups.

Daily movement isn’t new for me because I strength train most days, but I like to keep it spicy so I’ve been swapping some days with yoga sculpt and having so much fun! These pants hold up amazing for every workout and this has been my new favorite natural deodorant in the rose quartz scent!


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