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Rewiring Ritual

We've decided to shift these roundups a little in 2019. We're sticking them right here on Wednesday as motivation for everyone to keep pushing through to Friday! I'm also going to explain my own manifestation process and journey a little more as we get that question often! So here is a medley of what I'm working on right now, how I'm personally staying on track and what I'm loving!

i. I'm taking this time to work through Next Level in UPLEVEL because after the Rock Bottom I had earlier this year, and knowing how to navigate it correctly quite a few manifestations came through. Truly too many too quickly. Therefore, I'm working through UPLEVEL to turn my worthiness into deservingness. A very important next step for those of us in a really big flow. (you can take the quiz here to see which of the three flow phases you are in). 

This means that I'm now onto doing the reinforcement DI in Next LeveL 2x daily for 60 days in order to reinforce a new way of operating in the world. I’m doing it right when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed in the evening. I leave my headphones and eye mask on my nightstand, and slip right into it. I explain in the workshop why doing DIs right upon waking and right before going to sleep is so powerful. So these stay there all day! 

ii. Throughout all of this work, I've been loving this tool as a mini ritual daily. And I'm grateful that Britta posted this little video over the weekend because I was definitely doing some of it wrong. (oops!)

iii. My biggest intention for 2019 is to sit back more and allow my manifestations to come to me rather than hustling as much as I normally do. Thus, I'm simultaneously working through Shadow as two fears/triggers have come up:

1. That I've realized I can't be fully in the present as I'm always onto the next. After some deep shadow work on Day 2 of the workshop, I realize that this comes from the rooted fears that if I'm not constantly on the go or achieving the next thing, then I'm so fearful that I will become my two main female caretakers - my grandmother and my mother - engulfed in depression, unaccomplished, never achieving my dreams, gaining a lot of weight to hide and protect myself from others, and idling. So I'm outing and addressing that here as part of my process. 

I had the luck of becoming sick after I went to go view the potential next retreat house and it forced me to do nothing in bed, all day. That's when I decided to sit down and face these fears head-on. 

2. My second shadow is some elements about Max that have been annoying me. That he isn't fully present when we are together and that he isn't able to reach a soul level of intimacy. Well, guess, what, I'm neither of these things either... soooooo it's my shadow that needs addressing. Two things we both rejected in childhood. Addressing those now. I'm currently on Day 4. I tend to work through shadow in the afternoons. When I'm more contemplative and work is finished. 

iv. Anyone in the F&M workshop or Partnership workshop can relate to this: Another thing I'm battling with - the new potential retreat property (you can view it at the end of our IG Highlight House Retreat).  It's literally everything I'd want out of a property on paper; however, it's on my Pluto line, and when I arrived, I didn't get the total intuitive hit that I got when I found the Forest retreat property. It may actually be an expander and a test like many of you are experiencing now with rejection or tests coming into your life. But it could totally be the one. I can't be sure yet. So instead of forcing it or controlling it, I've surrendered it to the Universe to show me. Time will tell! So in the meantime, I'm burning beeswax candles and trying to get quiet more often throughout the day to listen to what my guides have to say about it. 

v. I do know that whatever property it ends up being, we're going with this chic juicer

vi. I feel like anyone working through these workshops could really benefit from one of these anxiety blankets. Great for the pets and children too.

vii. Does anybody listen to these daily? Kerrilynn of CAP Beauty told me about it. Thinking about going for it!

viii. I will DEF be tuning into to these

ix. Favorite self care - Onsen. Use this pre and drop these in.

x. I want to leave you off on this #mymagneticstory below for the week to help motivate and expand everyone (myself included). You can head to The Pathway today to access all the courses mentioned. We're all in this together! 



“I started Uplevel Next Level as soon as it came out + it’s been a great refocus of my internal presence + dialogues. Even this week already big manifestations coming through - with Work my list was an average of 20+ client bookings per week + selling out events. If I sell 1 more ticket this week I’ve well surpassed that goal with 23 sessions + 2 overbooked events.

Thank-you for this magic ✨Love ya. I'm here for ya. Keep going. Please keep going!" - UNBLOCKER