WTF Is the Snow Moon and How Can We Use it To Manifest?

WTF Is the Snow Moon and How Can We Use it To Manifest

Here's the deal. I've avoided doing any full moon this or new moon that manifestation work for you all for a very long time because frankly, it's so saturated out there. I've been working with the moon since I was twenty-two. I've done ALL of the superstitions that exist out there. The spells, the tricks, you name it, I’ve done it. 

As I was sitting in Ireland, under that wolf moon eclipse, practicing the very rituals inside of what releases tomorrow known as UNBLOCKED Full Moon, it dawned on me that I should create it for you as a workshop to set the record straight. For the very important thing to know is that much of the full and new moon rhetoric out there, through fun ceremonies, means VERY little in manifestation. Much of it is truly superstition that doesn't work. 

Therefore, UNBLOCKED Full Moon is a monthly marker to illuminate your blocks, fears, tests, release the old and stagnant energies holding us back, and it provides action steps to carry out over the next 28-day lunar cycle to super-speed your manifestation practice (exactly as I do). 

Tomorrow, a major Super Moon Snow Moon approaches, set to rise tomorrow at a time dependent on your time zone. This year’s Snow moon is special because the moon will also be simultaneously arriving at perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit, meaning it will be the largest and brightest Super Moon of the year. Woah!


Yet you may still be wondering…What the F is the Snow Moon anyway? This February full moon’s name originates from, as you would guess, with it most usually comes snow. It occurs in the season of Imbolc, marking the beginning of spring. This is a time of new beginnings that are still covered beneath the cold and snow but will bloom as spring progresses. There is a sense of anticipation for what is to come, of impending change. It is a time of forgiveness and clearing space so that you can move on towards bigger and brighter manifestations. This snow moon also creates a thin veil between this realm and other realms, meaning it is a powerful time to set forth goals from a divinely inspired space.

To prep for tomorrow's release of UNBLOCKED Full Moon inside of The Pathway only, begin by customizing your altar today. Something worth noting, this is just a fun ritual if you like to connect to the earth but it means absolutely nothing when it comes to manifesting with the moon. I want it to be very clear that when it comes to manifestation you need nothing but yourself, expanding your subconscious and raising your subconscious self worth.


i. Forage for elements local to you, whether that be your backyard or local farmer’s market. These elements can be sticks, branches, a harvest, etc.

ii. Most powerful scents to use during this moon: frankincense, hyssop, and sage. Burn or sprinkle around your altar.

iii. Most powerful stone for this moon: amethyst to capture the power of the moon. Set your crystals out to charge.

iv. Include other elements, like fire with white candles and smoke.

v. Add bowls of water, placed underneath the moonlight.

Don't Forget to stay on track with the Authentic Code Challenge as today marks the beginning of week three. And this moon is VERY in alignment of week three's task of taking inventory of anywhere you might feel unworthy of allotting more energy to your core elements.

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