4 Things You Didn't Know About the Cosmic Energies of this Super Moon

unblocked Cosmic Energies of the Super Moon

Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling the crazy energies of this impending Super Moon….I mean, exhaustion, anxiety, an urge to clear and cleanse…it’s all crashing down hard. Ritual around the waxing, waning moon, although simply a supportive tool rather than a driving practice in manifestation, can help to digest and best utilize the energies we’re slammed in the face with around the full moon. It can all be used as positive momentum to push us forward and clear the slate each 28 days! And today is the best time to start.

On that note, we’re introducing our newest offering within the Pathway Subscription: UNBLOCKED Full Moon.

If you’re a Pathway member, simply log into your account and you’ll see a link to this new workshop! If you have yet to join the Pathway, sign up here. Begin UNBLOCKED Full Moon on this day of the Snow Super Moon by setting up your space - both mental and physical - with the rituals from Page 1. The tools provided in this workshop will prepare you as you step forward into your Manifestation Practice throughout the next 28 days.

Using this workshop as a guide to begin your journey alongside the other workshop offerings within the Pathway Subscription will allow you to super-speed your manifestation journey, creating ritual and consistency to this process we call a practice. Start your journey today!

so, what’s actually going on during this cosmic craziness?

We asked my personal psychological astrologer, Danielle Beinstein, to share how to best understand and navigate the energies of this Snow Moon Super Moon before you dive straight into UNBLOCKED Full Moon. Her explanation of the current cosmic tide will guide you in understanding what might be coming up for you energetically as you answer the journal prompts on Pages 3 - 4 of the workshop:


“A time of purification, of ridding our minds and cellular bodies of what no longer serves. Virgo is the purist of the zodiac. That doesn’t mean - as is often thought - that Virgo is necessarily uptight or delicate. Quite the opposite, in fact; this is a sturdy, capable sign committed to excellence. Such precision requires pruning and discernment. Discernment, the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, however, is a far cry from perfectionism. Perfectionism is a means of procrastination, of fearing one’s work will not live up to our imagination. This is a time to heal ourselves of this destructive addiction. Now, because this is Virgo, such letting go will likely begin in the physical realm. We may, for example, suddenly decide to Feng Sui or declutter our homes (cue the Netflix binge of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up). Or we may feel called to sweat it out, get bodywork, acupuncture or journal. Virgo loves a task, after all. This Moon is referred to as the Snow Moon, an ode to the depth of winter, when snowfall is heavy and nourishment scarce (hence its other name, Hunger Moon). Both names allude to a need for stamina and a need to root in what's in front of us, to ensure our bodies and physical selves are well provided for. This, in turn, allows our minds, hearts and souls the ability to roam freely, in complete and total abundance.”

Super Moon Fun Facts

i. On this brightest of Full Moons, may we know our wholeness and may we anchor in our divine physical form, with the understanding that we are, in fact, already perfect and have always been so.

ii. All planets are direct during this Full Moon. A SuperMoon means it’s closer to Earth, hence its exceptionally large size.

iii. This SuperMoon is in the first degree of Pisces/Virgo giving it even greater potency.

iv. This SuperMoon’s ruler, Mercury, will be in Pisces, increasing the opportunity for transcendence and intuitive guidance.


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