WHOA, WTF Does Strengthening Your Nervous System Mean, And Why Am I So Anxious During This Manifestation Upgrade? 

anxiety and positive mind power

YOU'VE MADE IT! All the way to week 4 of the Authentic Code Challenge! You're finally at the fun bit after dealing with your shadow surrounding your four elements, then delegating and detoxing what doesn't align with them, and NOW you get to call in what you'd like to manifest.

If you are unfamiliar with our Authentic Code Challenge, hop in now here!

WEEK 4 • Use this week to work through the How to Manifest Workshop inside of The Pathway! Make a list of what you are manifesting that aligns with your core elements. Realize that shadow, tests, and unworthiness may come up for you while doing so. UNBLOCKED Shadow and the DRE are great tools to working through all that comes up during this week.

As we progress through our manifestation journey, we continue to grow into a bigger shell by energetically strengthening our nervous system to take up more space (larger aura) of deservingness through worthiness - a larger energetic container if you will.

This growth and upgrading presents itself in many ways. We can even physically get sick because from unlocking a lot of energetic flow that was once blocked our aura. Or, we may be getting hit with test after test, we may be experiencing a rut or rock bottom as we figure out how to adapt to our new energetic growth. It can also present itself as general anxiety, fear, resentment, or doubt

Note, that we've also entered into the two-week pre-phase of Mercury in Retrograde, so this can amplify your feelings of ungroundedness or a loss of control, which can also bring many of your blocks and triggers to the surface. These are all good signs that you are contracting and expanding into a stronger nervous system (auric field).

Our community within the Secret Society Facebook Group (which you gain access when you join The Pathway) has shared their own tips and resources to support all that is coming up for you throughout this time, to use in conjunction to the Daily Reprogramming Exercise. As you work through the last week of the Authentic Code Challenge, remember that these are NOT meant to be a replacement for your DRE. I Repeat that doing the DRE at least four times a week is ESPECIALLY important to maintain at this time! Allow these to support the extra unearthing in order to taking your grounding deeper along side the work.


Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 7.19.27 PM.png

Meditation • Every day. Especially on the days, we feel the most resistance. DRE, Use apps to stay consistent, like Non and 1 Giant Mind.

Essential Oils & TincturesCBD, calming tea, frankincense, Flower Remedies, Albizia tincture

Yoga & Breath Work• Learn breathing exercises and belly breathing. Develop a daily practice.

Kriyas •Try this nervous system kriya set.

Victory Pose • 2 minutes make all the difference. Stand with your feet in a wide, sturdy stance and put your arms above your head in a ‘V’ shape.

Self Love • Reminding yourself “you are safe. you’re okay”

Avoid • Cut back on caffeine and sugar. Make yourself a tonic instead when the craving hits.

TappingEFT is a powerful supplement to the TBM work.


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