3 Quick Ways to Prepare for Prosperity in Spring


The last Monday of winter! How happy are you to finally shed those cold weather layers and head straight into budding flower season? It’s the time for regrowth, new intentions and new ideas. So much potential now as daylight begins to lengthen and the snow melts from mountain tops. You get the idea…Spring is almost here!

And, this approaching Spring Equinox on Wednesday is even more magical as it falls on the day before the Worm Full Moon, the last of the 3 sequential super moons this year. What is the Worm Moon? Its name represents the season, the time that the ground softens enough for earthworms to wiggle their ways about, preparing the soil for a new harvest.

This time is symbolic for us to also get clear on how we can prepare ourselves for what we hope to “plant and harvest” in the seasons to come. What ideas are you planting as we shift into spring? Coinciding with the full moon - which is a powerful time to illuminate blocks still present and identify stagnant energies still holding us back from manifesting - this is a kismet cosmic combination to prepare for prosperity in spring

How are we prepping?


i. Getting clear on what we want to call in. If you have yet to sign up for the Pathway Subscription, we recommend checking out the free Clarity DI here to conjure an idea of where you’d like to direct your subconscious projection for the future to come. This is a great place to set the course for your manifestation journey.

ii. Take clarity further. We’ve revamped the Daily Reprogramming Exercises inside of The Pathway only, and have added several new Deep Imaginings designed specifically for a variety of topics to accompany wherever you may be in your manifestation process. For this time, I’d direct you to the Prosperity DI. This DI will help to shine a light on where you’d like to grow, along with your authentic path, where you still need expansion and where you may still feel unworthy of what you’re hoping to call in that provides the prosperity you desire in your life.

iii. Take inventory of what you’ve been hoarding or harboring in the past few months out of fear, comfort, scarcity, etc. Once you’ve listed out what you need to let go of, write down three actionable steps towards shedding that layer of programmed “security” to grow into a fuller expression of your authenticity in the next few months. *Tip* If you’re having trouble listing these out, head into UNBLOCKED No for extra guidance.

Take inventory of how much you shifted and transformed during the inward darkness of winter so that you can highlight how this re-birthed version of you will to grow in this new season! Use the tools above to truly dig deep and allow the Worm Full Moon and Spring Equinox to propel you on your journey for the next few months ahead. 

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Prepare to manifest in the new season ahead!

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