The Top 3 Full Moon Superstitions Debunked


The last of three sequential super moons rises tonight, coinciding with the Spring Equinox and we’re feeling the magic and prosperity of the season ahead already! Are you?

Full moon rituals, practices, myths and traditions are plastered across the internet, but how does one know what’s truly useful…and what’s simply superstition?

There’s no need to run out and purchase crystals or chant while dancing naked under the moon to successfully harness the cosmic energy released at this time. Take a deep breath: Here are the top three full moon superstitions we’ve come across one-too-many times, debunked.

i. Relying on crystals to manifest • Don’t get me wrong, crystals can be a beautiful tool to enhance your manifestation practice, but they do not hold the power when it comes to calling things into your life. Only you can manifest from your own subconscious beliefs.

Instead, find ways in which crystals can support your practice. Perhaps you need selenite for grounding as you dig deep into your subconscious programming from childhood, or amethyst for calming the nervous system as you sink into a Deep Imagining, or rose quartz to support you through partnership. Charging your crystals underneath the full moon can reinvigorate them, but clutching to the old superstition that they alone will manifest things into your life won’t serve you. Recommit to your manifestation practice at this start of the Lunar Cycle. 


ii. Setting intentions on the full moon • The full moon is not the most ideal time for setting intentions or writing your list. No harm will come from doing so if you feel intuitively inclined, but the full moon is actually the best time to look inwards, observe where you still may be holding onto old subconscious programming or blocks.

Within UNBLOCKED Full Moon (inside the Pathway) you’ll find a DI designed specifically to illuminate where you might still need to unblock, where you are still harboring shadow and where to best begin as you recommit to your manifestation practice. Using the journal prompts to guide you, write out where you still need to do work around reprogramming and strengthening your self worth. Commit to the work throughout this new lunar cycle to best prepare to build out your list on the next new moon on April 5th.

iii. Burning to release • This is certainly a great place for you to start the work on your remaining blocks and acts as a powerful physical tool to support you as you dig deeper into the work of releasing blocks and programming from your subconscious, which is why we incorporate it into our own full moon ritual within UNBLOCKED Full Moon. Yet, it is not a powerful enough action on its own to truly eradicate old habits, people, etc from your life.

Committing to the work of reprogramming and unblocking deep within your subconscious is how you can begin to say byeee to limiting beliefs and energetic leaches that are holding you back from manifesting. Write out what you can physically clear from your life (friends, items, etc) and work through UNBLOCKED No within the Pathway to build boundaries. Take the triggers you’re discovering through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise to break them down as you move forward this spring. 

Ritual is a beautiful tool to support you throughout your manifestation journey, but the power comes from separating ritual from practice. Give yourself the support you need, such as the infusion recipe or bath ritual within UNBLOCKED Full Moon, to guide you through this magical cosmic time. But, in order to see real change in your life, it is crucial to understand that unblocking and manifesting come from how we subconsciously communicate to the Universe. And today, on this full moon, is the perfect place to start!


Looking to take your Full Moon practice deeper?

Visit UNBLOCKED Full Moon, only available within the Pathway Subscription.