How to Marie Kondo Your Finances and Manifest Money


How many of you reading this have hopped onto the Marie Kondo train? I’ve succumbed and find myself attempting to tidy up all aspects of my life now, which I’ve found already to be quite powerful! Simply asking the question, as Marie Kondo does, “Does this bring me joy?”

Clearing space in your life, both energetically and physically of anything that does not bring you joy is a vital aspect of the TBM™ manifestation process. So where does one begin when it comes to how to manifest money?

The secret to money is that it is all energetics. It is blocks from our own subconscious mind that impede the free flow of cash. When our mind is crowded with subconscious programming, lack mentality, low self-worth and depleting energetic ties, we close ourselves off to the energetic potential for a river of rushing money flooding our bank accounts.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

It all comes down to how we interact with and receive money currently coming into our lives. Engaging in the desperation of wanting to learn how to manifest money right now, or seeking out the key to attracting immediate money can actually make it more difficult to open up energetic portals as we are communicating this desperation from a place of lack, of low self-worth and panic.

Other blocks to a river of dough can be found on the physical plane in jobs we dislike, living against our Authentic Code and spending money on things that do not align, people leeching from our finances…etc. I’m sure something has popped into your head where you wonder, “If I didn’t do xyz, would I have more $$?”

So let’s begin the tidying

i. The first step towards Marie Kondo-ing your finances is to “Marie Kondo” your subconscious. Deep rooted fears or feelings of lack often develop from what we observed throughout childhood. Work through first uncovering these blocks and the programming you’ve witnessed by unlocking your subconscious mind through UNBLOCKED Inner Child and the DRE. Where are you triggered when it comes to money? And why?

ii. Look at where you’re dumping your wallet daily/weekly/monthly. Make a list from your balance statements. What is bringing you joy? What isn’t? Make the cuts you need to to have more money for what does bring a smile to your face.

iii. Create boundaries. What people are leeching from you? Where are you feeling taken advantage of? This can come from the root of codependency or a programmed subconscious belief of needing to support all those around you. Ask yourself if you feel good about the energetic exchange or if you feel depleted? Take this through the DRE.

iv. Open portals. Creating opportunities for yourself to manifest wealth begins with opening portals. You can learn more about this process within UNBLOCKED Money, but be sure to seek out opportunities that actually reflect what lights you up, not what presents itself as an easy option or “What you’ve always done.” Ask yourself if you are being tested. Make a list of what you most desire in a financial portal. Call it in and you can manifest money through any authentic portals.

v. Trust. Free falling is scary, and we always recommend having a Fuck You Fund or a bridge job to carry you throughout your financial journey, but do trust that the Universe only wants to support you as you embark on realizing your self-worth and take a leap from where you’ve been constricted and blocked to fully flourishing with an influx of cash. This is ultimately how to manifest more money.

Old superstitious, new-age manifesting techniques surrounding finances remain rather surface level - ie. visualizing, spending more money, positive affirmations. These practices will only take you so far as money and the law of attraction don’t have a relationship unless the law of attraction is taken literally - if it is coming from the root of self worth, subconscious reprogramming and actually communicating to the universe that you trust that if you live your authentic path and respect the energetic of money and money portals, money will flow. Still needing expansion? Read these manifesting money success stories from our community on our testimonial page!


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