What is Self Worth and 5 Ways to Determine Yours


If you read our post from Monday, you may have begun to realize how important self-worth is in the manifestation process….hint, hint: very. But, you may also be asking yourself: what is my self worth?

The short answer is: Self-worth is how we subconsciously value ourselves and what we believe ourselves to be deserving of. It is how we view our concept of self and is completely subjective and malleable. We don’t always have a conscious awareness of our self-worth, but our subconscious awareness of our self worth shows up in what we attract into our lives. Truly, the understanding of self-worth requires understanding the subconscious mind. 

Our subconscious mind is where our “mind power” lives. It is the root of our core beliefs and is built around a collection of our experiences from the ages of 0-25 years old. This is the time in which we’ve learned the societal definition of “right vs wrong,” “good vs bad,” and how one “should” act/do/etc to “fit in.” How we believe ourselves to adhere to these programmed limiting beliefs is also where we begin building self worth. Most often those that feel like they do not “live up to” what has been programmed into their subconscious as the right way to live/etc, begin to develop low self-worth.

Learning how to improve your self worth, or how to build self worth is really quite simple: We build up high self worth when we dissipate the limiting programmed beliefs (or BLOCKS) and live how we feel best aligns with our authentic essence without shame.

We all have self-worth, but the scale in which our personal self-worth lies is relative to the programming that exists within our subconscious mind. Here are 5 ways to determine yours:

5 ways to determine your self worth


i. Everyone in your life is a mirror to your own self-evaluation. What is the energetic behind those peers you’re attracting? Are they confident, supportive and authentic? Or are they leaching energy and making you feel small? Are you treated well? Is everything a give or take? Do you have what you are calling in? Learn how to say no to those that are not reflecting high self-worth through UNBLOCKED No, only available in the Pathway.

ii. Take inventory of your shadow. This is where you are still hiding shame, pain, and programming deep within your subconscious mind. Do you judge others? Can you take a compliment? Do you gaslight and project your "stuff" onto others? Working through Deep Imaginings, especially within the Daily Reprogramming Exercise, can help you to get answers from your subconscious mind, pointing you to where you still need to reprogram low self-worth.

iii. Are you easily triggered? Where are you feeling small, unimportant, undeserving? Wherever you are still feeling unworthy is where you may be lacking strong self-worth.

iv. Where are you feeling dissatisfied? Whether or not we truly know how to manifest happiness, the act of settling into a relationship, job, home, etc that does not satisfy our soul’s cravings is a marker of low self-worth. Where have you settled? Ask yourself why you don’t believe you are worthy of what you authentically desire.

v. Sometimes our scale of worth can be rather obvious to discover. Write down in your journal 10 sentences you would use to describe yourself. What is the tone of your personal description?

We are all a product of whole, fully authentic souls grounded onto the physical plane in our bodies. Separating yourself from your environment and gifting yourself the time to truly look inwards and self-reflect through the work will allow yourself to have a better understanding of your subconscious mind, the programming it's picked up and the root blocks within your own self worth evaluation. We are all capable of achieving the highest state of self-worth once we can unblock and reprogram what limiting beliefs are holding us back from doing so.

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