Superstitious Wealth Practices That Are Actually Making You Broke


Today is everyone’s favorite day….Tax Day! For some of you, the brute of the work is over, but for most…taxes are still on our minds. I remember years past, staring at the number in my bank account wondering how in the world I was going to scrape up enough cash to pay what I owed, filing an extension and going through the same mental cycle months later. For those of you filing to get a refund, what a great chunk of money to sweep into a “Fuck You Fund” or to invest for future financial growth…or to treat yourself with something you’ve been eying, because we all need a little self appreciation. 

Speaking of money woes and wins, we’ve rounded up the top 3 superstitious wealth practices that could actually be making you broke.

Here’s how to break through them

i. Spend money like you already have it • This is a popular practice in new age manifestation processes. Yet, spending outside of your means will not attract money, and only rack up a credit card bill, leading you head-first into debt. I’m 100% supportive of some spending, always within what you can afford, as hoarding money out of lack mentality and fear around finances will perpetuate communication with The Universe that you do not feel worthy of manifesting money quickly, or wealth. You can learn more about this balance in UNBLOCKED Money.


What Does Work: Find expanders, or people that exhibit traits, jobs, financial practices that expand your subconscious to believe that those listed are possible for you to achieve, and learn from. How do your wealth expanders manifest more money, how do they have a healthy relationship with money? What can you learn from their experience on how to attract money? Another tip - donate. Instead of spending money on more material items, donate a certain amount each month.

ii. Visualize money • As wonderful as it would be…day dreaming of money raining from the sky is not going to will Franklins into your bank account. We can sit visualizing until we’re blue in the face, sending a prayer for money abundance, but if we don’t subconsciously believe that we are worthy of manifesting abundance, we simply won’t.

What Does Work: Visualizing and law of attraction money exercises might lend some clarity and direction to your conscious mind, but to make serious abundance come, you must do the work to clear subconscious blocks AND actively open portals for income. These portals can be passive (ie. online offerings, renting out a spare room, etc), or active (finding a bridge job, offering up services, driving for a ride share app). 

iii. Energetically draining relationships • Okay, so this isn’t a particular superstition, but I think it’s important to note as it is NOT a myth that love and money are connected. They are. The energetics of both are thoroughly intertwined. Do you find yourself stifled in a a stale or harmful relationship, meanwhile your finances are dipping and refuse to flourish? This energetic block can prevent money and abundance from flowing through. Your relationship can be making you broke. Once you free yourself from said relationship and show the Universe that you’re ready to step into your worth, it will open up the gates of wealth to flow. 

What Does Work: Begin building a “Fuck You Fund” and finding a bridge job to provide a "safety net” as you work to leave whatever suffocating relationship or job you find yourself in.

So, as Tax Day graces us with its presence…take a pause to note what superstitions or blocks you’ve been subscribing to surrounding wealth. How have they held you back and where can you expand out of them to open up portals for money to flow?

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