Am I Jinxing My Manifestations?

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Ever been told, “Don’t jinx it?” This saying goes back to our kindergarten days, a common statement programmed into our subconscious causing us to run fearful in the opposite direction of ever “jinxing it.” For, as the saying goes, if you speak it out loud, perhaps too confidently, your chances of “it” ever manifesting into reality disappear into thin air. But where is the truth in this common superstition? The answer: you can take one big sigh of relief, there is no truth!

You cannot jinx your manifestations 

You cannot jinx your manifestations by sharing confidently that you believe they’ll come through, or by thinking they might not come through, or by thinking, saying, doing anything. You cannot jinx your manifestations because manifestations do not materialize from words or thoughts. They materialize from subconscious beliefs of worthiness, raising your self worth, subconscious reprogramming, and from expanding what you believe is possible. You can learn more about the TBM™ manifestation process in the How to Manifest Workshop (newly upgraded in The Pathway!). 

So, then why is nothing coming through? Take a peek at where you think you might be “jinxing” your manifestations. 


i. You think you’re jinxing them because whenever you share them with people, they never come through. If this is the case, ask yourself two things: 

Do I fully, subconsciously believe that I am worthy of these manifestations? You need to raise your self worth to match what you’re calling in and continue to reprogram your subconscious mind. Use the Unblocked Full Moon Deep Imagining (now available a la carte) to see where you might still hold blocks. Insider Tip: You can return to this DI at any time - not just around full moons. 

Am I passing tests? Perhaps you do believe you are worthy of your list, you’re expanded enough to believe it is possible for you to manifest, but you keep falling for old traps or saying yes to tests. Passing tests, which you can learn more about in the How to Manifest Workshop, is the fastest way to communicate to the Universe that you are ready for your manifestations to materialize.

We also suggest you read this post on manifestation boundaries if you tend to share your manifestation list.

ii.  You think you’re jinxing them because you find yourself falling victim to the thought that they won’t come through. If this is the case, you need to find expanders to reinforce within your subconscious that what you’re calling in is possible for you to achieve. Seek out expanders from your peers, community, online and in film. 

Remember, you cannot jinx your manifestations. We do not manifest from our thoughts or words, only from our subconscious worthiness, expansion and unblocking. Take a look at where you still hold the fear of “jinxing.” This can act as a window into where you still need to do work to open up the gates for your manifestations to flow.

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