How I Manifested a Role on Broadway and How You Can Manifest Your Dream Career Too


You may remember the first #MyMagneticStory that we broke down here. We share testimonials from TBM manifesters and show step-by-step how they achieved their record-breaking manifestation(s), so you can too. 

This particular one is so very close to my heart. I can so resonate with the despair, lack of control, and loss of trust that can come with following your dream career and hitting lows that make you feel like it’s never going to happen for you. I still remember being in the exact same place as this manifester below before I booked my first lead in a film. I was going through the WORST break up of my life. Because it was so traumatic (he got famous, dumped me, and began dating a successful soap star that looked just like me but 5x more beautiful and 10x more successful), I lost my period for 6 months, gained a ton of weight from candida, lived in a roach-filled apartment in East Hollywood, and looked at myself in the mirror every day reciting affirmations while I'd read "A New Earth" in my grubby bathtub at night. IF ONLY I HAD had the outline below to tell me to STOP using spiritual bypass and superstition to manifest. Someone to champion in my ear to expand and grow my fucking self-worth. If only. That's why I'm so excited that you all have those tools that I had to lean through very very painful lows in order to share. Forget the visualizing and vision boards, let's break down what works!



After the testimonial, we break down how she did it and how you can too.

“Dearest Manifesting Humans, I am thrilled, beyond thrilled-unable to contain my joy with what I have manifested recently and I felt it important to share it with this community first and foremost. I've been DEEP in the work for a little over half a year. I'm an actress and have had some success in television and some great off-Broadway and regional gigs. About a year ago (just as Jupiter - my ruling planet - was moving into Scorpio) I fell into a deep, anxiety producing void of stagnation. I couldn't get a job to save my life, and each audition was a desperate act to be recognized. Spiritually, I knew something was off, and if I wanted to manifest that huge next step in my career, something had to change. That's when I found Lacy's work, and my god it was WORK. I went through 'Reparent' first, then dove quickly into 'Opulence', 'No', and eventually the 'How to Manifest Workshop'. I dove headfirst into my psyche daily though the DRE and uncovered and unblocked issues that I had no idea were affecting my current state- major hurdles to jump around rejection, low self-worth due to a fearful parent, and a general sense that I was not one of the 'chosen ones'. I ran into the fire more times than I can say, saying 'yes' to jobs that didn't light me up when things got too quiet, getting right up close to that series regular job and then not booking it, being in final callbacks for an off-Broadway dream role at a great theatre and calling my managers, sobbing on the street when I didn't book it. Eventually, I quit jobs that didn't light me up, ended up finding a remote job that fit my lifestyle more, started drawing boundaries around the people in my life who were causing me to question myself, and found expanders who had the exact life I wanted to have. I cracked my human design chart wide open and began to understand my MG profile, embracing my buffet-sampling lifestyle and debunking shame around having to wait for a calm answer to come to me through my emotional authority. I learned about how my manifestations come through, and the specific flavor of my energetics. This past week, Jupiter moved into Sagittarius. Maybe it's the stars, or maybe it's all the work I've done on myself, but something's changed. I feel dropped in. I feel connected to my sensitivity, and a general sense that I truly AM co-creating with the universe. Just about half an hour ago, I got a call from my agent and she told me I'm going to be on Broadway, in a show that is set in my favorite decade, with a director I've been following for years, playing three different characters that I feel uniquely qualified to play, making the most money I've ever made on stage. THIS. SHIT. WORKS. And the most exciting thing is that this is just the beginning of my manifestation journey. It's a lifetime of co-creating with the universe, and I am ready to embrace it all with a big smile and a grateful heart. Thank you, Lacy, for all you do. You've profoundly affected me and I am brimming with gratitude.”


A Manifester’s Roadmap

From stagnation to flow

This Unblocker began the TBM work when she was in, what we like to call a “Rut” (which you can learn more about in Uplevel): when nothing is coming, old loops keep appearing, we’re feeling stuck and out of flow. Instead of subscribing to passive, old new-age manifestation rhetoric, she buckled down, got dirty and began the journey of reprogramming, passing tests, expanding and ultimately…manifesting!

i. Actually Do the Work • Our Unblocker listened to her ping to make a change, to get out of her rut. She dove head first into the workshops, digging through UNBLOCKED Inner Child, UNBLOCKED Money, UNBLOCKED No and the How to Manifest Workshop, using the Daily Reprogramming Exercise as daily reinforcement. She committed to reprogramming old low self worth loops from childhood, integrating shadow and fear of rejection. She faced all the feelings and fears that came up, instead of ignoring and “thinking positively.”

ii. Run into the Fire • Yes, running into the fire can be a vital part of the manifestation process. When we aren’t ready to say NO or leave situations that make us feel small, we have to allow ourselves to run into the fire. We have to allow ourselves to prepare, to burn out, until we are ready to stand up.

iii. Build Boundaries and Say NO • Finally, after running into the fire, our Unblocker stood up for herself, said no to jobs that weren’t lighting her up and built boundaries to keep her on her authentic path.

iv. Understood Her Human Design Chart So, this isn’t vital but boy can it give you some welcome insight into your habits. Our Unblocker took the time to fully understand all that energetically shaped who she authentically is, while giving herself the licensing she needed to be a true MG.

v. Pay Attention to Patterning • Understanding our unique manifestation patterning in manifestation can help us be more attuned to when we’re in our flow and when we need to do more subconscious reprogramming. 

vi. Manifesting! Real Results • And thus! After reprogramming, building boundaries, saying NO, finding expanders and becoming her authentic self - this Unblocker manifested a dreamy job.

vii. Committing it to it for a Lifetime • Manifestation is a practice, that when done daily, will yield real results. It take commitment and work, but in order to make major changes, we must do more than “speak it into existence” or “think positively and it will happen.” We are all capable of manifesting anything we authentically desire once we can sidestep superstition and dig deep into ourselves. 

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