3 Ways To Tell If You Have Subconscious Superstitious Blocks

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Do you subscribe to superstition? This month has been all about unveiling where superstitions are holding us back from manifesting, and trust me - it’s often very, very hard to recognize these within ourselves. Especially once we’ve developed a habit of following said superstition until we forget we’ve made it up entirely. Remember when you were little and you were taught it was bad luck to step on the cracks in a sidewalk (or was this just me)? After awhile you found yourself skipping them without a second thought. Maybe you still do.

But if we are subscribing to all these superstitions unbeknownst to our conscious brain, how can we wake up to them, and shift our subconscious programming to be stronger manifesters?

Here are a few signs to look of for


i. Anxiety - Yes, we all experience anxiety and for many different reasons. This in itself isn’t telling of superstitious blocks, but, taking a look at why a particular habit, or skipping out on a regular ritual is causing you anxiety can lead you to where you’re storing subconscious superstitious blocks. Take the sidewalk crack example - if you found yourself feeling anxious after accidentally stepping on a crack, it’s time to unpack that anxiety through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE) to start unblocking the superstition. 

ii. Rigorous Rituals - Do you practice a “necessary” ritual when you want to call something in? Relying too heavily on rituals and physical items can be a sign of subconscious superstitious programming. We cannot manifest from physical ritual alone, nor is it entirely necessary in the manifestation practice. True manifestation comes from unblocking, expanding and raising your subconscious self worth. This is the communication you need to develop with the Universe to call your list in. Do some digging into why you feel so attached to such rituals.

iii. Obsessive Pattern-Watching - Yes, the Universe can communicate with us through signs and patterns, but when does watching for such messages become superstitious? When you allow it to make decisions for you. If you will only make an action once you have received x amount of signs, or become overrun with fear if a sign seems to point in the wrong direction. It is powerful to stay attuned to signs and pings, but listen to your gut first. You will know what’s right when the time comes. You don’t need to wait for your angel number to appear 5 times before you can make a decision.

Many of us subscribe to superstitions, following them for ritual or out of fear of the unknown. Look out for the signs above to keep yourself in check. When we become too wedded to superstitions, they have the power to develop subconscious blocks of fear and doubt, blocking manifestations from coming through. Take each superstition you follow through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise to pinpoint where and why it developed. Once you can unpack the superstition from the beginning, you can begin to let it go and build your trust muscle with the Universe

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Where are you holding superstitious blocks?

Find out now with the Daily Reprogramming Exercise.