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I posted a little this week on IG Stories about receiving my blood panels back from my naturopath, and how they reflect near perfection in comparison to my results back in August. I wanted to share with you the key things that helped me heal. I understand that every healing journey is unique so I can only speak to what I found truly helped me after trying everything.

First, you MUST listen to today's episode with the reluctant Scottish psychic, Ainslie Macleod, who channeled a whole new spiritual system that reads our soul incarnation levels. A friend introduced me to him on Super Soul and I had to know what my soul level was from 1-10. You'll be as surprised as I was. Can't wait for you to find out yours! 

i. I must begin by saying that I took all of Maggie Harrsens expansive advice during our podcast ep to heart. How she healed every auto-immune disease she had by living in nature. I followed suit and decided to move up to @theretreathouse mostly full-time since last July. And lo and behold, I'm 99% healed. I'd like to disclaim that I'm going to share the other tools that I found hugely helpful; though they are no substitute for the nature portion and I do believe that I would have arrived at where I am now with only nature (aside from a couple of recs below which I'll note).

ii. And I realize that having the luxury to move to nature is a privilege, so if you are stuck in a city due to circumstances, I highly advise looking into the fringe areas of nature right outside of your city. The most important things you are looking for is to be away from cell towers (you'll know you are if you don't receive any reception in the area), and light pollution (you can see the stars at night with no light pouring into your home). I do believe I could have done this exact healing in Topanga or Ojai which are examples of fringe cities outside of LA.


iii. No blue light after dark. To achieve this, I use ONLY incandescent bulbs in all light fixtures and lamps in my house. In addition to that, I also wear my BluBlox glasses (use the code MAGNETIC to receive 15% off) as incandescent still emits a little blue light (though much less than LED).  Especially wear if you are engaging in screens of any kind. I personally usually move to all candlelight after dark and only have the incandescent lights on if I have guests that don't want to feel like they are living in the 15th century. haha. 

iv. Intuitive eating. Meaning that I dropped every eating fad, diet, “eating for your type" out there and would tune into to my body daily - during the DRE - to ask it what micronutrients it was craving for the day. I'd usually get seasonal answers such as asparagus, artichoke, melon, almonds, scallops; etc. I wouldn't even look up the properties, I'd just give my body exactly what it was asking for. 

v. In way of intervention, the only three things that I know contributed hugely to my healing were working with my naturopath to find my gene mutation and shifting to a methylated form of B-vitamins. Working with another healer to find my enzyme mutation and taking an active form of NADH, and working with my homeopath to heal my blood sugar instability and insulin resistance. With the exception of the two mutations, I do believe that my blood sugar levels and insulin would have eventually healed in nature. 

vi. SUN!!!!!!! I truly do believe that the sun has been my number one healer in addition to nature. Sunbathing, twice day, nude. You can learn more about it in this podcast ep along with most things that I'm talking about here! I do it barefoot on the wet soil when I'm at the retreat house. And I sun-gaze first thing in the am. Also covered in the linked ep! 

vii. Health & Prosperity DI in the DRE within The Pathway. I did this daily for almost four months straight! 

viii. Biomat. Everyday! Again, I think nature is all one needs if they don't have the funds for this but it was the most soothing for me and restorative during my journey. Still is.  (mention TBM at checkout)

I'd like to make note, that after suffering for nearly 7 years with debilitating exhaustion, hormone disruptions, blood sugar instability, insulin resistance, insomnia (...and the list goes on and on) and having tried every adaptogen, diet, vitamin (...and the list goes on) out there, that what actually truly healed me was the most free thing in the world, nature. I understand that everyone's healing journey is totally unique and I want to honor and support exactly where you are as it can be riddled with suffering and heartache. This is why we created The Forest Retreat space so that we can offer a little slice of healing. I'm sending you love and know that I totally see you and understand exactly how you are feeling. One day there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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