The Weekly • Spring


Tomorrow I head back up to the Forest Retreat House until the end of the month to see exterior construction through. I have wonderful guests coming to visit all month long, so here's what I'm packing as I lean into sprinnnggg! And what is inspiring me lately! 

First and foremost, you won’t want to miss the EXPANDED ep today where I talk about hacking blue light hormonal imbalance!

I've been traveling back and forth with this bag. (AND a lot of boxes) 

Finally getting around to watching this doc before guests arrive! 

(teaser) Every room in the Forest House will have one of these eye pillows to do your D.I.s with during your self-guided retreat! I have forty days strong doing the new Shadow & Inner Child Integration DI inside of the DRE within The Pathway and boy is it creating profound shifts. 

One of my manifestations when I turned 30 was to always have nice PJs. Also, when one is hosting a lot of people, you need chic loungewear. Therefore, this is my spring essential set. And this is the chicest house coat for cooler evenings and mornings. 

Max brought home this shampoo and conditioner for himself. I used it and I'm a full convert now. We have bottles at both houses. And this is the dry shampoo I use to extend the great beach waves. 

I can't believe that I'm just now discovering the depths of Johnny Griffin's jazz. And I love that because he felt restricted and unappreciated in the states, he moved to France in the '60s where he could have even more creative freedom! Talk about worth and authenticity! 

So basic, but I didn't know that they had these seed and seaweed crackers? Dated, but so tasty with raw butter on them.

Bringing in the spring cheer in this dress

Has everyone discovered the chicest CBD brand?

Wow, I'd love to replicate this one day!


And don’t miss the newest EXPANDED Podcast episode with Andy Mant, released today!


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