5 Self-worth Lessons We Can Learn From Khaleesi To Become Badass Manifesters


Who here is beyond excited for the very-soon approaching Game of Thrones new season!? I’ll be at the Forest Retreat House to watch the first episode, cozied up in my favorite wool socks, nerding out with my BLUBlox glasses (15% off with the code MAGNETISM) and a mug of herbal tea, awing over everyone’s favorite Super Woman, Khaleesi. 

She’s a legitimate badass. And despite the fact that we may not lead an army of Unsullied or travel across kingdoms on dragons, Khaleesi has a thing or two to teach us. She may just be the greatest self worth expander of all time. 

Here are the top 5 Self Worth Lessons we can learn from the Mother of Dragons:


i. Never Waiver • When Daenerys Targaryen sets forth on a plan, doubt never seems to follow. Her confidence in her authenticity, mission and goal is something we manifestors can take serious note of.  Her Authentic Code? Justice, Freedom, Leading I’d say are some. Notice she never sacrifices any of them, keeping her Authentic Code a priority throughout her quest for the Iron Throne. Damn girl.

ii. Pass Tests • Khaleesi is a pro at spotting tests and red flags. A potential trade that could help her army, but requires a sacrifice on any of her Authentic Code elements - goodbye. The help of Tyrion Lannister dangling an enticing carrot couldn’t even slip past her. She seizes these opportunities to build self worth and prove her worth to the Universe.

iii. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no • When has the powerful heiress ever settled? From lovers, to battles and trades - if it doesn’t light her up, she’s not wasting her time. And - if it does light her up, she won’t back down until she’s accomplished it. 

iv. Lets Go of What isn’t Serving Her • Shall we list the people she’s dropped who’ve only (attempted to) suck the energy right out of her? She doesn’t have time for that.

v. Integrate Shadow • Khaleesi did some major unblocking, integrating some serious shadow work. When she finally stands up for herself against her brother’s abuse, The Universe said “I see you” and BAM sent her on a path to claim what is - arguably - rightfully her’s - manifest desitny.

Take note in this upcoming nail-bitting season (who will rule the 7 Kingdoms?! What will happen with the Night Walkers?! So many questions!!), you never know what lessons you can learn to become as magnetic as Daenerys. And, the next time you’re feeling small, ask yourself, what would Khaleesi do?

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