Don't Make This One Mistake in Manifestation


To avoid any unnecessary stress of urgency for “perfectionism” in your manifestation journey, I’d first like to stress that you cannot mess up manifestation, ever. You only either speed up your process or slow it down. The speed at which you’re calling in you manifestations is determined mostly by Tests

Tests, when relating to manifestation, are our vessel to communicate how we value ourselves. Whether we respond in high self-worth or low self-worth is what determines how quickly we will progress in our practice. You “pass” tests by responding to them in a state of high self-worth and NOT settling for anything less

We face tests every single day. A car that won’t start, a parking ticket, a dreamy yet emotionally unavailable suitor or a boss that refuses to respect you - whatever situation we are facing, it is always the same test:

Are you in your worth (coming from a place of self-assurance) or settling below your worth (coming from a place of insecurity)

We answer these tests through our actions, through how we respond. 


Is it with composure, confidence and with a sold foundation of self-worth? Or are you responding out of fear, staying small and settling despite what you deserve?

Let’s take the suitor example. You’re on a quest for partnership and you meet a beautiful suitor. They appear to be everything on your manifestation list, but they flake on your first date, and on your second, yet still reach out - perhaps planning a potential third attempt at a first date. Yes, this is a test.

You have two options

i. You can continue to wait around for them to finally show up for that first date, making time for them when they aren’t making time for you. This may even be repeating old patterns from past relationships. Does this make you feel in your worth?

ii. Or, you can face the test head on with the confidence that when you energetically cut ties (simply say NO) with this suitor, you are communicating that you are worth more than a flakey single. Your partner is orbiting you, and will come through when you stand in your worth. 

Respond with the action that makes you feel most in your worth, most confident. This is how you pass tests in manifestation.

So, when faced with a test of any varying degree, ask yourself - am I going to respond from high self-worth or from insecurity and fear? Remember, if you respond to a test from a place of insecurity, it simply means you have some more work to do in building your self-worth. This is NOT a failure, you will not lose your manifestation, you will only slow down your process as you spend time unblocking - or uncovering - why you still feel undeserving. Your manifestation will come through when you are ready. 

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