Why Seeing to Believe is the Secret to Manifestation

Photo via  Kenesha Sneed

Photo via Kenesha Sneed

For years, runners dreamt of beating the 4-minute mile. Despite strategic training and intense dedication, even the most gifted athletes could not overcome this perceived barrier. Finally, in 1954, Roger Bannister broke the record in three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. Within 46 days, an Australian runner beat the same time. Another three runners followed within a year - and since, over a thousand have completed a mile in under 4 minutes.

 This is the power of “Seeing to Believe,” what we call Expanders. It wasn’t a change in the training regimen or the addition of superfoods that broke a record - it was a shift in perception. 

Expanders are individuals (fictional or otherwise) who broaden your concept of reality. They show you what is possible on a subconscious level. Whether you want to manifest your soulmate or start your own business, it is imperative that you have examples of others who are doing the same.  

Growing up, I watched my young, single mother work entry level jobs. From waitressing and working in a chemical plant to eventually training to become a paramedic, she always worked shift-based positions. Despite her creative interests and desire for financial freedom, my mother continuously repeated the same cycle. In my 20’s, I found myself in a similar pattern. I value freedom above anything else and dreamed of pursuing acting, interior design, and filmmaking to become financially independent. I visualized. I tried to think this reality into existence. Despite my efforts, I spent this chapter of my life waitressing and under-earning. It wasn’t until I sought out Expanders that things started to fall into place.

When seeking Expanders, it is vital that you source individuals who are similar to you. Ideally, these people have overcome similar obstacles, come from similar backgrounds, and are successful in ways that you want to be. Expanders can be found in friends and mentors, but can also be found in places you would not expect.

While Expanders are the key to manifesting, remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. We may identify an expander, only to shift into a mindset of comparison and lack. We may begin to feel desperate because our manifestation has yet to arrive and someone else may have beat us to the finish line. Remember that Expanders are a sign that we are moving in the right direction - not an indicator that there isn’t enough to go around.   

4 Challenges in Seeking Expansion - and the Tools to Overcome Them:

Photo via  Kenesha Sneed

Photo via Kenesha Sneed

i. Within the process of expansion, you may find yourself feeling envious of those who have what you want. You may even feel threatened by your expander and feel triggered by your time with them. When you find yourself in this space, take a step back and recognize that this is actually a moment of clarity. You’ve identified something that you want in another person and - more importantly - you are one step closer to manifesting it.

ii. If reality falls short of your expectations, look outside of your day-to-day. Pull expanders from books, movies, or social media to fill in the holes of your perception. When you’re watching TV or scrolling through Instagram, you are in a hypnotic state and actually more receptive to new programming. Use your favorite characters to expand your subconscious beliefs! 

iii. Chances are, there will be no singular person who embodies every aspect of the person you’d like to be or the life you’d like to live. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for - instead, develop fragment expanders. Any attribute or experience that suits your manifestations can be expansive. Consider this an opportunity to customize your expanders.   

iv. Desperation can seep into our process of finding expanders. We may find ourselves flocking to people solely based on external achievement - those who have collected ‘shiny pennies’ but lack any resemblance to ourselves. While these expanders may show you that your manifestation is possible, you will likely not believe that it is possible for you. Be patient and open minded while seeking expansion. Focus on your authentic desires, not the perception of success.  

Curious if you are expanded enough for your manifestations to come through? Try any of the Expander Deep Imaginings from our workshops within the Pathway Membership, our system of hypnosis designed to access your subconscious mind. Consciously, we may believe that anything is possible - but subconsciously, we might have a much different understanding. To truly expand our belief system, we must start at the root. I recommend committing to a Daily Reprogramming Exercise to override limitations and truly transform your life.


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