The Weekly • Friday Round Up


It's been a while since I've shared these. I miss them. So here I am back with The Weekly, a list of the things I've been loving lately!

i. Apparently, this is the end-all-be-all new plant-based retinol!

ii. We all can't stop talking about it on the team. Almost everyone is reading Ramit's book on finances, right? SO digestible, actionable, and empowering!

iii. My favorite summer bracelet and ring.

iv. The CBD oil that feels like a hug. And 1% of profit goes towards addiction recovery.

v. If you didn't catch it and need a refresher, do go listen to my podcast ep on #goopPodcast. It really covers the most important parts of Manifestation.

vi. Please tell me that everyone watched Gentleman Jack? It's everything!

vii. I've been manifesting this dress for 6 months now. On its way!

viii. NEW FAV cookbook alert! The Scots have such great OG superfoods in their traditional diet. Seaweed, steel-cut oats, Salmon, wild berries...

ix. I've begun sharing the Manifestation channeling tips that come to me instantly on IG TV. I also hope that you're tuning into this month's roadmap with us?

x. A few things you need to put on your radar. This ghee, this jumper, this purse (with faraday fabric to protect you from EMFs), and this deodorant (use code MAGNETIC).

Ok that covers it for this week!


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