The Monthly • Friday Round Up



As we make the transition from summer to fall, here's what has caught my eye lately! 

i. The little black dress I've been wearing in my IGTV's that you keep asking me about. And the rest of my Forest Retreat House & Topanga staples are as follows: jumper, sweater, clog, 501's, shirt, and sandals. Also, for those that love the sun as much as I do. And for those that wear bandanas in their hair and around their neck as I do. 

ii. The sorceress that I had a session with that legitimately made an orange homeopathic remedy appear in her hand out of thin air. She's notorious for this. She saw my deceased grandma, told me to get off of EVERY supplement, to eat more apples for my liver, and so much more. Mind blown! 

iii. Please tell me that you saw this. And obviously, I am counting down the days for this. What if Granny dies? Biting my nails. 

iv. The IG account that I stalk the most. 

vi. If your hair is as fried as mine after summer, these are great tips. 

vii. Meditation chair upgrade? Also, a little reminder

viii. A wow kind of recipe

ix. Love this.  

x. Simple and seasonal.

xi. You're always asking what I'm listening to so I'll intro you to artists I like. No. 1.


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